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    Welcome pilot! Start to shoot only when your crosshair turns red! Defeat the red team!
    Learn how to fly, turn and adjust the speed of the plane. Try to aim at enemies and destroy planes. Learn how to attack and conquer group units with your machine guns. Learn how to attack and conquer ground units with your bombs. Destroy the enemy air fleet and conquer the targets! You win if your fleet manages to inflict more damage that tne enemy to ground units and aircraft or when the enemy fleet has no planes left.

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    Time your shots! A portion of the aiming point turns red for each machine gun/cannon that is within range of the enemy airplane. Your hangar has 15 aircrafts ready to fly and 5 recruits have just arrived from the training facility. Tilt device to control speed and direction. Check the inclinometer to fine tune your speed. Use the left stick on the left side of the screen to control the altitude. Use the attack button to fire your cannons or the rocket button to fire missiles.

    destruction points - PISd2bLto
    100000 silver - 9ZtJERVls
    5000 gold - azN7J21ad
    10000 EXP - 2DeqgYQTO
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    The fuel gauge indicates the remaining time for this mission. if you disabled the accelerometer, you can use the left stick that appears when you touch the left pat of the screen. To complete a mission you must accomplish at least primary objectives. More stars means rank promotions, new recruit and aircrafts.
    Increase level:
    engine - the 4Pmr4Ypb6 Wings Of Heroes code
    agility - XkSpJMm04 cheat
    armor - ACIspbv59 hack

    To land safely, complete the mission and return home, wait for the wheels to pop out and land. use the eject button in case you need to eject yourself from your aircraft. If you're lucky enough to survive, you will be rescued and returned to the airfield. if you don't want to abandon your aircraft, you can try a crash landing.

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    special abilities cheats: there are three special abilities that a pilot acquires when use this codes.
    M9Wp5cY4z - use the pilot's dexterity button to slow down time.
    LHZE0F77G - double tap left side of the screen to roll your aircraft and dodge enemy bullets and missiles
    rv8u0zxD9 - change direction rapidly while in a steep dive or climb to perform an immelmann manuever and take your enemies by surprise.

    unlock alll Aircrafts - 2ioqtypS0
    Premium P-26 peashooter - ArmaO9X4P
    Premium Fairey swordfish Mki - gCWnmYXeb

    from 01 to 10 may redeem pass - OsiX1hF7Z
    from 11 to 20 may redeem pass - ZyJJ0XKIJ
    from 21 to 30 may redeem pass - tGpYkanat
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