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    Hello everyone! Today is a new toy! You start the walkthrough with two characters. Each character has different characteristics and skills. The graphics of the application are quite simple, as if someone drew everything on a piece of paper in a box. Your task is to destroy all opponents and get to the portal. Every enemy killed gives you experience and gold. When you get a new level, you are given a choice of 3 skills.

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    Divine blessing:
    HP boost - increases Max HP by 20%.
    Shield - 10% of normal attacks form a lightning shield with 50% damage per second around them for 3 sec.
    DMG boost - increases DMG by 30.
    Shredder - increases critical hit rate by 10% and critical damage by 20%.
    Revive - when the HP is 0, you will revive with a portion of 20% HP restored and gain invincibility for 9s. Only available once.

    The talents and characteristics of the characters can be improved using the password list, which is located below. You need to enter them in the application hacking menu. Sometimes you can find new equipment and an altar at the level, which gives you one talent point.

    10 talent points - nGi7xTqZO
    +10 DMG - JI92zh3Gl pass
    +10 HP - 2UqSdeaAK hack
    +10 Shield - the jYKQOeHjv Brave Hero code
    Crit. ATE + 70% - xiCQid9yx cheat
    Armor penetration +70% - lM8a8VDKC
    skill DMG +100% - SXgpsXbBW

    At the end of every fifth level, you will have a boss battle. By defeating which you can start a location with a more difficult level. Sometimes legendary items drop from Bosses, which significantly increase the characteristics of the characters and sometimes give additional skills.

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