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    So it comes to this. Greedy humans wanted the immortality. And took the lives of my people. All are gone except me. Now you have to fight an endless stream of monsters. For each kill you get gems, experience, various rewards and the opportunity to complete daily tasks. Rubies are given for completing tasks, which can be spent on premium weapons. Challenge the stage boss and advance to the next stage.

    Vampire Idle cheats - code list:

    Get 500+ bonus gems when you complete the attendance check page. However, total reward will not be more than 5000 gems. You are on your own, you need to use skills and get new weapons and equipment to destroy opponents faster and have defenses against boss strikes. The gameplay is not too different, only the types of opponents, their blows and the image of your character change.

    50000 gems - ZBi3fVc6a
    5000 ruby - 8ypFFVejL
    summon 525 times - EuIx2bb9x
    legendary sword - 8xpprlUh2
    legendary gun - M11Xspf4d
    exclusive costume - JhDynvX6W
    wing - grzEWGiue
    50000 blood stone - JEhDweIiv
    auto clicker - VYGvyh93D
    x10 game speed - lqczgrBjj

    Use the blood stone and upgrade the sword. Use the passwords written on our website below to speed up the gameplay and get a lot of locked weapons and equipment. Turn on the autoclicker to free your hands. You can also use a code that gives rewards for 10 hours of play - acceleration by 10 times.

    Upgrade weapons and items with an unlimited supply of resources. Use hacking on keys and chests. Defeat enemies with one hit and see the whole game world in a few hours. Turn off ads and get bonuses absolutely for free. Log in to the hacking panel daily to view updates, get daily rewards.

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    gold loot 300% - zfM8d8c0d
    experience loot 300% - olwYKi3iI
    blood stone loot 300% - u6viW3aEY
    equipment and ability loot 300% - dQL8ZTySc
    weekly key package - W2SFSYx8m
    monthly gem package - ywc6DZAqY
    mystic tablet package - Oeq5jnuJV
    mystic fragment package - wWofBIZTS

    from 11 to 20 may redeem pass - 8BWwVrIYs
    from 21 to 30 may redeem pass - KWnZZMosw
    from 31 may to 10 april gift box - oBb04Zfo6
    from 11 to 20 april weekly rewards - bEzAFOu8b

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