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    The cycle of light and darkness is eternal. Every creature in it, pushing in forward in their own way. This is balance, it is destiny. I maintained it, and even considered myself beyond it. But now, the balance has been broken. The world burns under the wings of the world destroyed. I fought, struggled, in the end only this pathetic and broken soul left. The beyond is just a lie. But at the moment of my end, i saw destiny. So, i call you, the fated, you are destiny. Now the whole world is in your hands.

    Glory of Destiny Dragon Slayer cheats - code list:

    Choose a covenant, to decide your way intertwined with destiny.
    Alicia - as the former begemon of the mainland, Enoch lost almost everything. The dragons invaded their lands and drove them out of their homes, and the gods they believed in were also silent. However, despite such a blow, Enoch's will remained unyielding. These brave warriors are still fighting, vowing to reclaim their homeland.

    Vanyar - lives in a paradyse given by God, and in exchange, shoulder a mission given by God - to welcome the God's return in the new world. So they could have stayed out of the dark war, but this deep darkness made them doubt: if the new world was born from such darkness, how could the returning god be bright? Therefore, these peace loving Vanyar resolutely joined the war.

    shards - the MyuIDT7LO Glory of Destiny Dragon Slayer hack
    martyr Spirit - RficJnkC8
    Holy spirit -pibdIiNVg
    Gore - is made up of many powerful clans who share the belief in a being known as the Bone spirit. They believed that it was the Bone Spirit who brought them to the world, and that the Bone spirit was their father and mother, so they followed the order of the Bone SPirit to fight against the darkness.

    We must protect the civilians behind us. Don't take a step back. Concentrate your firepower #glory-of-destiny-dragon-slayer on the same target and end the battle quickly! The warriors have no strength to respond. They have been exhausted after fighting for so long without supplies. Build farm or use the Glory of Destiny Dragon Slayer code. The evil eggs only parasite on dirty ruins. We can get rid of them once we clear the ruins and rebuild our city. It's a wheel of time linking the river of time. There we can summon heroes, who are rebels like us, who are our partners. Use the 6odShqYyQ cheat at the hack menu.

    It will take a long time for buildings to upgrade. We can use the u3h2ISyOa speed up pass to shorten the construction time. Unity honor faith conquest:
    - alliance assisted construction will save your lots of time;
    - allies should encourage and help one another;
    - build an alliance fortress #glory-of-destiny-dragon-slayer for territory expansion;
    - occupy the holy land and passes to get blessings.
    Darkness lurks outside. We must get prepared before we go out. Organize troops in formations can help them prevent unknown dangers.

    Increase stats:
    courage - 0eUE78b10
    tenacity - canrDciQm
    wisdom - HpAPTsjeu
    endurance - dgRrUwAPu
    tactics - ERuy9rzHq

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    summon x10 - DZGDGSXiu
    instant build - WmzUZZewJ
    vip value pack - X8uvO1Kli
    5000 vip points - yWFUjQZ1F
    500000 food - JlxyeT3Cb
    500000 wood - Rypi71aba
    500000 iron - oOutkIJrj
    food production +200% - ykwSP1Cxv
    wood production +200% - MIWmSkNw6
    iron production +200% - xRHtoANPp
    unlimited action points - 44rIVoFFv
    50000 holy water - EN1qWSy4f
    receiver slot in resonance 10 - cQuZoYKk9

    from 11 to 20 may redeem pass - 5FU1PDpCt
    from 21 to 30 may redeem pass - ajDvvGKm0
    from 31 may to 10 april gift box - vbqJEfxBg
    from 11 to 20 april weekly rewards - K7HomcXjo

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