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    Firstly i will guide you how to fight against enemy. You can use joystick to move just drag left or right. Use the attack button to hit the enemy. The jump button to attack the enemy on air. You have three skills buttons with powerful attacks. You can summon the dragon to support. The special skill - it make you increase: 30% attacks, 30% defense within 15 minutes. Let's go ahead to defeat all enemy. You can hit the attack button after jump to destroy fly monsters.

    Panda Legends Shadow Fight cheats - code list:

    Hello everyone, today we will look at a new game for Android. You play as a cool panda in this game in which you have to destroy a lot of enemies. There are a lot of skills, weapons and equipment at your disposal. You get gold, experience for every enemy killed. You will receive rubies and bonus rewards if you win the stage and don't die. Feel more powerful with the boosters. Get extreme benefits with this password from hack menu:

    100000 gold - Q0VulewRp
    5000 ruby - 6Ap542orZ
    10000 EXP - VZeRYMjEM #panda-legends-shadow-fight
    materials - RPICGYcxT
    keys - EviSzAWlx

    You need gold to upgrade your character, unlock new skills and upgrade it. Your character has several attributes that you can increase using these cheats:
    HP - DZb1ywOXu
    Attack - nQfUudFJ9
    Defense - ehm1CCibM
    Normal punch - punch with power hit. Damage to one enemies make 100 damage to one enemies.
    Tornado - tornador and slash enemies. Make 100 damage to one enemies.

    You can get daily gift in event menu every new day. You can buy everything with very good price in the black market. Legendary armor pass - Fii2QmmGo. The legendary and strongest armor. Increase a ton of health point and defence.

    free black market -TdUKW05NC
    special package - Jz2UJD2U1
    starter package - Am32Ftrch
    legendary accessories - U8Iw7qYHZ

    Panda Legends Shadow Fight redeem code - obtain deluxe pack #panda-legends-shadow-fight hack


    silver chest - jX68kvEtz
    golden chest - YcCGLuxRJ
    diamond chest - ZO5NfnBsR
    unlimited stamina - UfIbq6A8c
    gem pack 3 - MQxTXXgKo

    from 11 to 20 may redeem pass - Cw1fjJJfe
    from 21 to 30 may redeem pass - sCj8EPppo
    from 31 may to 10 april gift box - aRkBOHwLA
    from 11 to 20 april weekly rewards - BEPzT0Qpu

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