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    Drag joystick to move. Push joystick forward to boost. Hold weapon button to shoot. After killing opponents, a lot of materials, gold fall out and the character gains experience. Destroy all enemies to conquer the zone. Shoot the core to claim the zone. use jetpack to get on top of the cliff. Activate an air glider by jumping down from the cliff and holding the movement joystick forward.

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    Maximize your weapons, because each stage will be more and more difficult. You have to take part in a real battle. And remember, there is no place to wait for help. There is only you and constantly appearing opponents. To stop the flow, you need to destroy their main base.
    Weapons (full upgrade):
    rail shot - QAdoKg8zB
    grenade - X2tyDkhaq
    rocket launcher - IRlS3ltCV
    laser beam - 7PJJCrB4o
    legendary weapon - 4OFyoGhrp

    You can use cheats from the hacking panel. There you can discover several more hidden characters that are still under development. There is a new system of pets and mounts. Pets help to collect resources and some can attack enemies and impose bonuses. Mounts allow you to move faster. The codes are absolutely free, see the description of how to enter on our website. See the full list of passwords below.

    The game features 3 types of characters. Each of which uses their own skills. Skills:
    Healing - creates a beacon that heals nearby allies for 75 over 7.5 seconds.
    Impact - jump to your target and deal area damage.
    Decoy - creates a decoy for 5 seconds. Enemies will attack the decoy instead of players.
    Choose a character to pass wisely, because it is his skills that can help you on the battlefield.

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    Choose between Brunel, an engineer - he can make a lot of turrets and baits, which greatly help in the battle. ;Dis - a combat medic who is able to heal himself completely in a matter of minutes and go into battle again. Jolie - has influence skills that mislead the enemy or allow you to change one of them to your side.

    unlimited ammo - GV4yYqpbg
    off reload - LJDLJuQw3
    off ads - TZHHMOjna
    level up - ShLSl22yh
    unlock pets - ryUccgwIg
    unlock mounts - Hsi0bVg5f
    starter pack - PaZ0Zmv4A
    beginner pack - UiMeoLrO4
    new 2 personages - jeSR28BXY
    gold - 4ozbwxC4G
    gems - H7oCACpBP
    materials - lz2dbn9bW

    from 11 to 20 may redeem pass - yOcmr4O9k
    from 21 to 30 may redeem pass - pprcbocZF
    from 31 may to 10 april gift box - dRge9GKgy
    from 11 to 20 april weekly rewards - 9fNexmlNr

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