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    Nowadays, the global crisis has been triggered by the increasingly prominent environmental problems, in which the collapse of economic system and the destitute and homeless people are caused. Uder this cruel environment, the armed groups constantly declare independence everywhere, which have rebelled against the remnant party of the former government and formed a separatist regime. The world has entered a state of anrchy under this situation. You as the leader of the independent army have the necessity to make constant development of the base, train the army, resist the attack of reactionaries and other forces, and protect your own people. In the meantime, don't forget those mecha from the mysterious Mesopotamia, since the great power will be brought by them to us, Let's pursue strength and peace to become the new king of the world.

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    Telenomus corps has launched an attack on our troops! They've almost broke through the troop's ranks, after which they can directly attack the base. But there's no doubt, they've come for that mysterious mecha of ours. We can't let such a powerful weapon get into the enemy's hands! Commander, build a defense tower ASAP and get ready to defend. Time is of the essence! The enemy is already breaking through your defensive lines. Drag defense towers of the same type on top of one another to merge into an advanced defense tower.
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    Drag the defense tower to the placement point to defend against Telenomus attacks. This mecha is really something else! I've been never seen such powerful technology before. Too bad it's so badly damaged i can't get it going again. I contacted Doctor Murhpy, he seems quite interested in this mecha. If we can provide a research facility for him, he's willing to help us repair the mecha. We've already built the mecha armory according to your specifications, you can begin using it whenever you're ready.
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    Many of the Mecha's parts are still scattered around the vicinity of the base, but the Telenomus Corps is still keeping a close watch on use from the forest beyond. If we want to go looking through the forest for parts, we'll have to strengthen our focus first. This battle has really taken its toll on our base. We've got to build up resources and recoup our losses as soon as possible. Build a Metallurgy plant would be a good start. With adequate resources, we can build the tanks we need for battle.

    Zoiuepn5n - T90 Sechin #destiny-of-armor - a melee unit whose super power is strong against Helicopter but weak against missile vehicle.

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    Power of unity - join an alliance to obtain:
    - construction, research and repair speedups;
    - resources and troops from allies;
    - 200 gold for joining the alliance for the first time.

    Commander, do you still remember our main objective? Now that our base is restored, all the basic pieces are in place. It's time to go ahead with our plan.

    After building the black market, you can purchase high quality and cheap items from the mysterious arms dealer.

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