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    Do you like to fish and have installed this game? But the process is too long and you want to hurry up? Probably worth grabbing a couple of passwords before going fishing. Moreover, you can even get a legendary fishing rod and some very rare and important in-game items and skills that will help you in the future. Our team presents you with a huge list of passwords that will help you have a great time in this game.

    FISHING CLASH cheats - code list:

    The list is updated very often, some awards are no longer available, in some only one letter often changes, so come more often, register on our website to understand how to enter these codes and enjoy the process without paying money. This game is a fishing simulator. Experience fishing with realistic graphics, where there is a variety of fish, exciting modes that entertain you during the boring hours of the day.

    fpUshtI1W - Redeem this code to get 10x Power up Packs and 10x Pack: Kenai River
    REDh41Pnl - get 25000 coins
    ZpmWJAkKB - 25 Tokens
    V0i8a4FQ6 - Only new players can redeem this gift code
    42DKt2FYa - 1000 Pearls
    NMM8mNbM7 - 10000 Coins
    CdDPqYTFv - 500 Pearls
    e18LFBEix - 10x Power up Pack
    5h0oHWQM6 - Kenai Event box
    CyzkiCalk - 10x Gold Fortune Pack
    9dGNOL8zA - 10x Pack of Lures pass
    Gm344fiEC - 100 Pearls hack
    u1KpGCxHC – x50 Pearls FISHING CLASH cheat
    z7EkKbb9y – Fortune Gold Pack code
    ctplSzSDl – 10k coins
    6xhzfZqqI – 5,000 Coins and Booster Pack
    rzGsVpgo4 – 10k coins
    aEb7ddB3s – 25 Buffs
    6JS3XrWVd – x100 Pearls
    UHCrjzR4H – Kenai 3-Star Rod Package
    WLDLkMx5Z – Fortune Gold Pack with Lures
    MLuzbxiOB – +100% luck (x25)
    NJVKtC7Zn – 50 pearls

    Control: we have to press the casting button, wait until the fish grabs the hook. As soon as the fish bites, adjust the counter with simple controls - dragging and holding the counter strip in the middle position until the opponent uses up energy. The character gets combo bonuses for all the time holding the counter in the middle without making mistakes.

    The game offers two game modes: single - fishing without time limits. 1vs1 mode - against a random player of the same rank as yours, with limited time. The player with the most fish caught wins.

    Each fish differs in weight and strength with which it resists. The heavier the fish, the more points you get. As you progress, you can unlock fishing kits containing fishing cards. Use the boots to get fishing bonuses: an increase in the weight of the fish, more points, an increase in the probability of catching the desired fish by 100%. You can buy these power-ups with the points you earn, or you can also get them for free by winning them in 1vs1 mode and opening various packs.

    FISHING CLASH redeem code - obtain deluxe pack #fishing-clash hack


    oZKIAQs5v – in-game items (weight, speed, luck)
    zR5JRbUdx – high level gold coin box with fish cards
    oO7JY5tME – black pack of complementary foods
    PooLzNKKL – gold box with bonuses
    4n9C927wH – catch fish (x25)
    uuPsDU90h – 25k coins
    Cm0Lj5DmP – golden pack of baits
    Dh6vLsgyP – 100 pearls
    OtJC14a8e – Increase Speed, Luck and Crit Chance
    jt9slFAAK – Fortune Gold Package with Bonuses
    P6mm6V2uu – Golden Fortune Pack with Decoys
    cWqgouLYB – 1 Legendary pack with random decoys
    QzQ5rPQxO – 50 pearls
    XEY0DdZiA – 10k coins
    NrkAfJPen – bronze tackle box with maps
    DywjIzKDg – 50 pearls
    6JkT8RPsx – 25,000 coins
    yghvBqwx3 – 25,000 coins
    TTplTvZiu – 50 pearls
    b9ODBoH9O – 25k coins
    BnxDlWeIV – 100 pearls

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