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    The user is greeted by a video installation with excellent English voice acting. The story of ALEX II is promoted by dialogues, facial animations and character movements are bad - artificial facial expressions are often visible.

    Increase damage:
    melee -WHmofEzYD
    from small arms -8k3Ac29bj
    from magic - Ku0RMTfPD
    critical damage - vAS9RIk4H
    maximum health reserve - RhqHCwMNR

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    Jax is placed in a corridor location, with many places with supplies. In the game, you constantly have to look for hidden places and get off the main road. Once I decided to climb steep cliffs, like in Skyrim, hoping to break the game or find a legendary weapon, but I got a story scene. After that, you can't get back out — dangerous monsters are waiting there, killing with the first blow. And behind there was a huge location, packed to the brim with supplies and weapons.

    The game does not hold the user's hand, and there is a place to roam in the open world. There is a non-linearity in the application, which collapses after the first two tasks. A real example is Jax approaches his wife, talks to her about the child. Then he comes back and asks the priest the question: "Where is my child?". He replies, "Ask your wife."But I just came from her.
    After almost every phrase, another task is added to the log. Did you hear about the upcoming concert on the radio? We need to visit it. Just don't forget about the impending threat, although there is no timer in ELEX II, and time "stops" between quests.
    unlock hidden character abilities - 4rJgIIZ8s
    level up - O4HIr3c2d
    AP - UQR5XG0et
    LP -R9xCZRCDn cheat
    Infinite Ammo -wSMqPkuqQ code
    Auto-targeting -chWbnV2jT hack
    Restore health -1EFM8uPBQ pass
    Invisibility -c2b0WjlAO

    Management is strange, Jax performs actions with a slight delay. If there are several items in front of you, you can't take them all — click the mouse 6 times to collect 6 arrows. And after opening the chest, there is a "Take everything" button. Tip, don't waste the first lock picks in vain until you learn the hacking skill. Attacks in ALEX II are divided into three types: melee, ranged and magic. You can forget about the latter at the start, but you won't find a bow before the first settlement. You have to beat the enemy with a rusty pipe, dodging frequent attacks. I dreamed of getting a bow and was upset when I started using it — you can shoot from cover once, after that the monster immediately runs up close. Decide to stand on a platform? The enemy will start running around and trembling, which is why it will not work.

    Pumping and the ability to play a role: the system is easy, after a new level we scatter points by attributes, depending on the chosen path. But they are not enough for anything — it is impossible to pump a jetpack, because intelligence and Elex are not enough. The blacksmith has only an anvil for sharpening a rusty pipe, and for a steeper bow, one more point in Strength and Dexterity is required. But to do this, you need to level up on quests, but monsters absorb a lot of damage - you need better equipment. Do you see a vicious circle? The easiest way to upgrade a character is by using cheats from the hacking panel.

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    Add 10 strength - qDq2MEuz9
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    add 10 dexterity - n7CDOWj8U cheat
    add 10 intelligence - 0Xb14GM72
    add 10 tricks - UXivbn8N6

    from 11 to 20 may redeem pass - oHsacIwrd
    from 21 to 30 may redeem pass - Qg4EacCPn
    from 31 may to 10 april gift box - qRn4FbWss
    from 11 to 20 april weekly rewards - 66RHKv9MJ

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