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    Welcome to the new land. Players begin the game in their origin province, flight to obtain resources, then finally move on to conquer the treasure laden mystical Chronogate. Select your province of origin. Enter the depths of the marshy highlands, and you will find gigant ancient crocodiles, that fell into a deep slumber. Defeat this fellow to earn a treasure chest.

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    Heroes who delved into the land of the gate of ages, lend me your ears. A brilliant lord has appeared. Serve him, so that you all may press forward unflinchingly. Delve into the ruins and explore its depths. Search for a stronghold in which production might prosper. In this vast continent, wherefore can one find a suitable spot for a stronghold? Maybe we can fix it up and use it as our base in this continent, Lord! Please repair the stronghold and activate the Lord's mansion feature.

    Use passwords and activate the construction function and repair the exterior. This is bad! All resources within the castle has been depleted. It is difficult to make progress without resources. We urgently need use cheat codes and heroes who are experienced in fighting to occupy territories that can produce resources. Please assign hero to occupy a territory in order to obtain resources. Proceed to the stronghold and find the barracks. Enter the barracks and assign troops. Appoint a hero to be the commander of the troops. Tap divide troops to automatically allocate enough troops for the hero.

    scout - J0LfJ1EHj
    500 skill points - VJnTY7pna
    5 star hero - BpVeoXVuo
    x5 gem summon - eAu70SB3U
    x5 copper summon - fKMYVG3V1

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    500k crystal - FifEtQD5D
    500k wood - LaXfnV18G
    500k iron - 6k6ASMfqs the Gate of Ages Eon Strife code
    500k stone - iTqHV16yO
    50k copper - AGgT8e1ed .The common currency of this world. May be used for copper summoning and to summon heroes.

    Chief, we salute your first victory! These newly acquired resources may be used to upgrade portions of the city. Upgrade the lord's mansion to unlock the summon feature. Use summon hack and proceed to the barracks and appoint this hero. Having more heroes can improve the force of a unit. Resources code can be used to upgrade building in construction. if you would kindly upgrade the city's quarry, we could receive much more stone from this territory.

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    The enemy advance upon us with great fury! No doubt they intend to loot the city! Quickly, march a hero out to repel this invasion. In their haste to run away, it seems that the enemy dropped a shiny and mysterious treasure. It turns out that it is the Lord's codex, which details how to become a qualified Lord of the land of the gate of ages. Please view quests and claim rewards. Massive resources will be rewarded for completing novice quests. Do not tarry, and take on those quests.

    Hero Gate of Ages Eon Strife hack:
    cost - the total hero cost of a unit cannot exceed the troop cost limit. Increase stats:
    strength - 2ElVCl2oJ
    defense - RbKkpCk0k
    MATK - tPZhzLmoB
    MDEF - YbAAjZmOk
    speed - eX76LcEEt

    Lord's Mansion - increase city durability and max cost of the city's troops. Heroes have begun to study reports in order to improve their combat effectiveness. It is said that studying reports can improve our operations together. Many heroes claim that exploration comes with too much danger and uncertainty preferring a more cautious approach. Battle master proclaims their love of exploring uncharted lands. No matter how much time exploring might require. At long last, the lord has returned a full complement of heroes, that way the original two will no longer be so lonely as they expand further out.

    10000 gems - p613gfHEs
    land cap - GBxstvQn3
    daily drop - 4AVBNnY0c
    rank up - FF6V8Woqb
    rookie bonus - oCteCVx5o
    speed up - oCtAVBNn

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