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    SkidStorm is a free racing game that is played together with friends. The essence of the passage is to overtake all rivals and be the first to reach the finish line. The application presents more than fifteen types of different cars. Choose a car and take part in the race. We control the car only by pressing the left or right buttons, as well as the brake buttons. There is no gas button - the car accelerates independently, without your participation.

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    In the application, you can compete in who is the best driver on the twenty-four track. All locations have different lengths, the presence of many turns and a completely different view on the sides of the road. You have to improve your car in order to win. To do this, you are given the opportunity to improve the engine, buy new tires for better drift, upgrade the drive, turbo and nitrogen. Turbo is the acceleration of your car on the track, it depends on how fast your car will go. Nitrogen helps to accelerate for a certain time. It can be taken several times per game.

    You probably already know that you can download the hacked SkidStorm Mod Apk and get Diamonds, but in this case there are pitfalls. Firstly, to use the Apk Mod, you must have Root on your phone or tablet. Secondly, it is not completely safe. But if you use our hacking, then in this case you don't have to have Jailbreak or Root, because these cheats work without that too.

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    SkidStorm Hacking allows you to play with friends or just with real people in real time using multiplayer mode. Or you can choose a single game in which you will pass certain distances for a while. You can also choose a career mode where all your victories and good luck will be taken into account. You will go from beginner to master of racing. The fourth mode is called playing with a human machine. That is, you are competing with a computer machine. But be careful, they often win. In order not to lose, use nitrogen only on the direct path or when you see the sign "Welcome". With the hacking of SkidStorm, you can get everything infinite in the game. If you ask yourself the question "How to get an unlimited amount of Diamonds", then the answer will be very simple - use cheat codes.

    In hacking SkidStorm, you will receive money and trophies for winning races, and in career mode you will also receive points to raise your rating. In a multiplayer game, the leaderboard and losers will be freely available to all players online. Colorful graphics and simple controls will immediately lure you into this game. She is constantly receiving updates that you better not miss. There is paid content in this game, which means that if you wish, you can buy any improvements for your car in the online store for real money, or even the car itself.

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    unlimited nitro - HcnNFaA2Z
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    month card - omF2ISsjb
    vip status - w9o9WAvKA
    vip points - neuDsPRao
    daily bonus - EPffhEcng
    5000 diamonds - 8SvwagcDK
    auto help - GW9Stl26S
    increase cars stats - dwl8BTLCF

    May 11 - 20 redeem gift - sRomPbr7H
    May 21 - 30 redeem gift - EHoz0izvl
    May 1 - April 10 redeem gift - thm6Wc4wH

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