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    In the game, many will feel like they are on the battlefields of the Second World War. The developer has tried very hard with the creation, making the graphics very realistic, music will accompany you everywhere with different special effects. Here you need to fight day and night. For fighting, it is possible to use different equipment and weapons. A lot of users are happy to continue the game no matter what. A permanent internet connection is required. There are a lot of hints and tutorials at the beginning.

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    Here are seven modes that are not the same in complexity among themselves. In a deadly battle, he has the right to play only for himself and the fights presented here are very violent with a very tense character. Team battles are divided into certain teams and the player can play until the allotted time runs out, a flag is issued for killing another player. For the hardcore mode, we picked up a good and convenient gameplay, where you can test your strength in action, a few shots will kill your enemy. The player can also invite his friends to the game and create his own game mode. You probably already know that you can use World War Heroes cheat codes and get Gold, Money.
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    The battles will take place on four maps, where the biggest and most famous battles took place. World War Heroes Hacking allows the player to use 20 types of unusual weapons, these are machine guns, submachine guns, pistols and other weapons, if desired, it is possible to change camouflage and equipment. You can use three types of military equipment. By killing enemies on your way, there is a huge chance to win a place in the rating table. It is here, in the war, that each player will be able to fully realize his skills and show himself as a real soldier, on whom the future of the country depends.
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    The plot of the game lies in the fact that you are a soldier in a war who is fighting with all his might with a large number of enemies eager to destroy you and everything around you. To defeat the enemy, in addition to equipment, you will have the opportunity to have an airplane and trucks, but most importantly, you must be able to fight in battle, you need good skills. Hacking allows the player to create his own team, and together with all the forces to kill the enemy and become a real winner, a hero.

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