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    Golin, not so fast! But...we're running out of time. Stop looking at your antique, Golin is waiting. Coming. Is there something on your mind? If you keep starting at it, i'm going to keep it for you! Hm? Who's that?Ah! J-001! It looks blurry. It's time to Leap! We have work to do! But i'm not in the area right now, all i can do is offer remote assistance. Ally and enemy formations are displayed here before battle. Those are the bad guys we have to take care of? Wipe them out to win the battle, of course.

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    Top bar - the overall health totals of both sides are displayed here! Victory is achieved when the enemy's health has been totally depleted. Once battle starts, the campaign must be completed within the specified time. Going beyond the time limit will result in an automatic loss. Bottom bar - the area below displays the current battle status of ally leapers. A yellow energy bar will be displayed when leapers use attacks. When the bar is full, leapers will release an energy skill and gain one energy crystal.

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    When leapers have gathered enough energy crystals they can spend them to unleash an ultra skill. You can use skills without energy crystals, just use passwords from the hacking panel. Tap Golin to give the command to use an Ultra skill. Long press Tako and drag her to the specified grid to bring her ability into full play. Tako's ultra skill can restore energy crystals to the leaper with the highest power, use this skill to help teammates charge up faster.

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    The leap system is configured with an auto battle command that can take care of simpler, less demanding battles. The auto settings for specific leapers can also be adjusted here. The weaving managemt window, where you can go to other planets for clearance mission. Particle pill can activate the gene collider to search for leapers. Hack Space Leaper: Cocoon menu - tap the above can be used to personaliza the settings of your console and to check the newest information on events happening in Cocoon. The tap below contains hotkeys for various apps, log press to enter editing menu.

    Above is the resonance tree where you can view the resonance progression. Here you can view the overall resonance. Transmitter data will be sent to you based on Leapers' stage with corresponding attribute and class. Cheat panel - here you can view the current resonance. You can also tap details to check and reset the resonance. Activated resonance will take affect in combat depending on the conditions.

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    When resonances are activated, the appearances of leapers will also change. Code menu - from here youcan see that the order type resonance has been activated. Up to 4 resonances can be active at the same time.

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    1000000 leaper coins - rgadcZ1Uz
    5 star leapers - AV1ejH5ja
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    materials - sKsS0LEDU
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    rank up - 3BPh4numj
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    unlock S rank characters - R8xLs3Fuc

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