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    For the first time I launched the application out of curiosity. I heard an extremely positive review on Gardenscapes, a game about the cheerful butler Austin, who decided to put a thorough order in his garden. Four months after the release, the number of Gardenscapes installations reached 92 million, and a year later the game got a spin-off in the face of Homescapes. The plot of the latter again concentrates on the butler Austin. After a tedious job, he decides to return to the family nest, which, to the surprise of the hero, has fallen into disrepair. Olivia and William, Austin's parents, were even about to sell the house and move into a simpler dwelling. However, Austin does not want to put up with this state of affairs and begins to repair the house.

    Of course, based on Homescapes hack the mechanics are three in a row. We put three colored chips together and voila, they disappeared. If you collect four identical chips in one move, you will receive a bonus that removes a number of chips horizontally or vertically at once. Collected four chips in a square — get a bonus in the form of an airplane. When it starts, it will remove the chips around it and remove another random one from the field. Collected chips with the letter "T", that is, five together, get a bonus in the form of a bomb. It will destroy everything within a radius of two cells from the epicenter. We have collected five chips in a row, here is a kind of disco ball for you. Swipe it towards a colored chip, and the ball will remove all elements of the same type from the field.

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    However, it is much more fun and practical to collect two bonuses together at once. Two missiles will take only one turn, but will send destroying rays in both directions. A rocket with a bomb will send three destroying beams to all sides of the screen, an airplane with a rocket or a bomb on board will go to a random point and apply an additional bonus there. But everything is much more interesting when combined with a disco ball. The combination does not remove all bonuses from the screen, as you might think, but on the contrary — it breeds them instead of the usual chips. So the most destructive combination comes to light, sweeping away a huge number of chips from the screen. Therefore, do not rush to use Homescapes code. Perhaps after a few moves it will be possible to combine something with another bonus and get closer to achieving the goal much faster.

    The first tasks in the game will be the destruction of these chips the right number of times. Gradually, you will be offered new tasks. For example, to spread a carpet, that is, to paint the entire field green. This is done using combinations with chips that affect part of the carpet and free space. After such a move, the carpet will be on the new cells. You will also have to drag donuts to the exit, that is, to the edge of the screen, destroy nuts in a strong shell with the help of bonuses, clean up the spreading foam and much more. Not only do new tasks appear regularly, but two tasks can be set at once at the level, which will force you to approach the next move even more deliberately.

    I hope you are not bored, because I have come to the very reason why I reached the 500th level in Homescapes and plan to crawl further. The narrative element delayed me in the game. Here we are introduced to Austin's parents: Olivia, cheerful for her age, and William, a lover of shouting. They are holding up well for their age, but they no longer have the strength to keep an eye on a huge family nest. And I want to please this married couple. For example, to arrange a book corner by the fireplace for William, and to make Olivia a participant in a popular cooking show, having previously refitted the kitchen. Even Austin will need a nice corner in the house. First, we will help him to arrange a room and pass an unobtrusive training. In its course, we will replace the bed, paste new wallpaper, put a fresher carpet. Something and the cage of our parrot is rusted, let's buy a new one?

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    The price of all these designer things is not a huge amount of in-game coins, but only one star. In-game coins can be obtained using Homescapes code. A star can be obtained by completing only one level three in a row. Without noticing it, I went through a couple dozen levels, just picking up stars and improving the hero's room with them. Austin accompanies each action with a pleasant comment, unwittingly endearing to himself. Imperceptibly, you become attached to both the butler and his family. And soon a love line begins to appear on the horizon.

    With such an easy narrative, where charming characters and pleasant dialogues rule the ball, Homescapes and involves the player in what is happening. And watching the metamorphoses of Austin's room is a real pleasure. And we do not just glue the prepared new wallpaper, but choose from three suggested options. What will Austin's new computer be like? Let's go through three levels and find out!

    How soon will we be required to invest in the game? — you are already preparing to say. Here's the deal… When I passed 50 levels of Homescapes or more, the only thing I was offered was to take advantage of the beginner's promotion, that is, to buy a lot of bonuses at a ridiculous price. They offered to buy a safe for coins, the value of which at that time I did not understand at all. But it just so happens that I play free-to-play games with the motto "I won't pay you", so I use Homescapes hack. In addition, the mentioned proposals do not seem interesting to me even now. However, I began to wonder how this game is monetized at all?

    I am used to the fact that in games of this kind there is a soft currency, extracted by in-game methods in limited amounts, and a hard currency, that is, mined in tiny sizes or not mined at all. Here there are only ordinary coins, which act simultaneously as both soft and hard currency. In principle, with a quiet game, you will not want to spend these coins, although they will constantly offer you this. Are the moves over and the level is not completed? Spend 900 coins and buy 5 extra moves. There are few moves left, but if you move those two chips closer, will the level end right now? Use a special bonus that does not take away a turn! What a shame, they're over? Spend another 900 coins. And now, what would you understand, for the completed level you get a little more than 50 coins, and for the passage of difficult and very difficult levels — a little more than 100.

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    I don't really want to fork out for coins, especially since they are earned completely unnoticed. Have you run into a heavy level? Use Homescapes code. Have all five lives ended? Let's take a break. The developers call for making purchases in a different way.

    The game regularly hosts competitive in-game events. There are two types of them in total. "The hunt for medals" and "The Creation of airplanes". The mentioned events are based on the passage of the usual levels. In the "Medal Hunt" you get 100 points for completing a level on the first attempt, 70 points for completing the second, 50 — from the third, 30 — from any subsequent one.

    At the time of the event, players are divided into groups, within which there are leagues and a personal top. We ended up in the last places — we were left without gifts and slipped into a weaker league. We were among the leaders — not only moved to the next league, but also grabbed a nice gift. It goes without saying that at such moments, players start spending coins in frenzied quantities, just to be in the top: they buy additional moves, boosters, start a level with an increased number of bonuses, just to pass the level the first time and amuse their CHSV.

    It's exactly the same story with the airplane event. It is necessary to collect and use airplane bonuses, and then successfully complete the level in order to send the bonuses to a personal account. Collected a lot of airplanes, but could not pass the level? It's annoying, but you can buy moves and try to complete the level and save the planes! Finally, I will say that tops exist in this kind of passive event.

    There are events without a competitive element. They take place just in the intervals between passive events. One of these tasks is knitting a scarf. Go through the levels and before your eyes, the scarf in Olivia's hands will become more and more complete. For passing the checkpoints of the event, you will be rewarded with gifts: bonuses and an infinite number of lives for a limited time.

    There is a place in the game for events with a history. For example, to complete a chain of special levels in three lives. Each of these will bring the butler's cat closer to meeting his beloved. An unsuccessful attempt will deprive the mustachioed flower from the bouquet, and three failures will throw the cat to the beginning of the chain of levels. There are also seasonal events. Complete special levels and get seasonal decorations in the style of New Year or Halloween.

    In general, with my "I won't pay you" tactic with Homescapes code is played more than comfortably. I'm not chasing a big place in the top, but I have enough strength to maintain my current place in the league or even to move to a higher level. In special events, you can buy additional tickets for access to the levels, but you can just log in to the game regularly and get tickets for it.

    I only want to complain as a player about the strange complexity of the levels. The levels are divided into blocks. They start from simple and become more complex. There are those that do not pass the first time, followed by those that pass from the fourth to the fifth. And then, out of the blue, a block with a completely incomprehensible complexity appears. They simply do not have enough moves to complete successfully, and only a miracle can help you. Or buying boosters. It's hard to understand if the game designers didn't calculate the complexity or set a paywall. It is easier to understand your feelings, which are easily described by the word "irritation". After all, I want to go into the game and relax, and not solve a strange kind of puzzle.

    As the game progresses, we gradually begin to move away from decorating. If at first everything was easy and simple, then they begin to require three stars instead of one to improve. Improvements are becoming phased, and in each part of the house you have to improve and stylize well, too many objects. I want to open a new part of the house and find out what's inside, but alas. We'll have to tread on the spot. What is happening resembles a too-long soap series, from which it is hard to break away.

    As a conclusion, I note that Homescapes is an excellent time killer. Often unobtrusive, with curious stories from the life of Austin and with excellent options for decorating the premises. The game does not fit into your pocket, unless you decide to pass all the levels from the first time, be in all in-game tops and pass all special events 100%. Here is a beautiful, addictive game with simple mechanics, which sometimes does not hesitate to challenge and share a pleasant story for its solution.

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