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    This is an arcade game from MAGIC SEVEN. You will have to travel to the culinary capitals of the world and open restaurants in each of them. To become a better chef, learn how to pick up ingredients, learn hidden recipes and, of course, do not allow food spoilage. You will get acquainted with the culinary traditions of different countries, participate in culinary events and festivals of chefs. Restaurant customers will evaluate your efforts - you will get likes for the most successful dishes.

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    What is the goal of the game? In the application, you need to serve visitors who come to the restaurant and order various dishes. At the same time, a "dish" means any food or drink that you serve to a visitor. Upon receipt of the order, the visitor pays you coins. When you complete the level goal, you successfully pass it and can get the key to a new restaurant.

    Level system. Each restaurant has a level system. The higher the level of passage, the greater the variety of dishes that visitors will be able to order from you. This increases the difficulty of the game, but also increases the earnings from selling more ingredients. Ingredients can also be opened using passwords from hacking the Cooking City menu. When passing a certain number of levels within one restaurant and collecting the required number of keys, you will be able to open new restaurants and pass additional levels in the current one. All this will increase your coin earnings.

    Game currencies. There are 2 main types of currencies in the game:

    Coins. The main currency needed for pumping kitchen equipment and ingredients. You get coins by serving customers in a restaurant. Enter a Cheat to get coins -
    Diamonds. Premium currency for the purchase of amplifiers. Diamonds can be obtained for free for watching commercials and for achievements, win when the chef level increases, and also buy in the in-game store. Enter the code to get diamonds - 1ZihTuoaA

    What is the chef level? The chef level reflects your progress in the game. When you level up, you get diamonds as a reward. Use Hacking - nTW1OnWfm

    How to increase the amount of game currency? You can significantly increase the amount of game currency you receive by using offers to watch commercials. Watch the ads to receive from 4 to 6 diamonds and coins as a gift, as well as double the number of coins received when completing a level! Or use passwords from our website and disable ads!

    How to open a new restaurant? Collect enough keys from the current restaurant to unlock a new one. Keys can be found on different levels of the restaurant. Complete the level to get the key. Keys, code - dXG0tpEb6

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    Hacked version, cheats codes - contact us: The United States of America (USA) New York City, 228 Park Ave S, NY 10003-1502

    What is a "Key"? At some levels in your current restaurant, you can get a key as a reward. You can also find the keys by replaying certain levels. Collect enough keys to unlock the rest of the levels of the current restaurant or a new restaurant. Unlock restaurant - S3k064x47

    How to travel to other cities? After opening all the restaurants in the Western City, you will be able to travel to other cities. Tap the airplane icon on the screen to start the journey, or click on the globe icon in the lower right corner of the screen. In other cities you will get the opportunity to open new restaurants!

    What is a Cook's Diary? Click on the icon with the image of a pink book in the lower left corner of the main screen to view your cook's diary. This is a hint that describes your current game goals and daily task. For completing a daily task, you get an additional reward. The cook's diary also contains an announcement of all current gaming events. Take part in them by clicking the "Go" button. So, thanks to the diary, you will not miss any of the events and will always know which game goals you need to complete first.

    How many cities and restaurants are there in Cooking City? Currently , the game has the following cities and restaurants:

    Western City - ItQ9QeFFa: breakfast bar, burger joint, pastry shop, pizzeria.
    Rome - use cheat: ice cream parlor, bakery, seafood restaurant, Pasta house restaurant.
    Kyoto - use the code: cafe-diner, Sashimi Kingdom restaurant, sushi restaurant, ramen.
    Rio de Janeiro - unlock the WmdH9caRP menu by hacking: barbecue bar, restaurant Taste of feijoada, cafe farofa, beach cafe.
    Munich, password - 7IuZmZ5eT: sausage shop, Schwenkernaya restaurant, pork rolls cafe, German stew restaurant.
    Chiang Mai - 3NnTPwvxq: Thai tom Yam restaurant, seafood noodles cafe, Street Food barbecue restaurant, Thai snacks restaurant.
    Moscow - R8YbjX4Z8: dumplings, Stew restaurant, Russian roast restaurant, sturgeon restaurant.
    Brussels - 4owOTFcPq: Shrimp City restaurant, Belgian cuisine restaurant, pastry shop, cream soups restaurant.
    Beijing - GekhnuYOK: rice dishes restaurant, Beijing noodles restaurant, roast duck restaurant, spicy soup cafe.
    Paris - UFK0yLvyU: snail dishes restaurant, foie gras restaurant, French desserts restaurant, confit duck cafe.
    Sydney - NpA0uBZ8i: glazed ribs restaurant, chum salmon restaurant, oyster shop, meat pie cafe.
    Istanbul - zYgsGydWu: Turkish delight cafe, Turkish fried fish restaurant, Turkish roast lamb restaurant, Turkish kufta house.
    Seoul - 5NovBQ4yj: pibimpap restaurant, pude chige restaurant, Korean soup cafe, Fried Chicken restaurant.
    New Delhi - 9pCgRHUQB: Delhi Cuisine Restaurant, Tandoori Chicken Restaurant, roti Shop Restaurant, Panira Cafe.
    Barcelona - sjpR2wdfz: bar with patatas bravas, paella restaurant with black rice, tapas bar, Spanish seafood restaurant.

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    Getting achievements. Achievements give you the opportunity to get additional diamonds. Go to the achievements menu by clicking the button with three horizontal lines at the top of the screen, and then - on the button with the image of the cup. All achievements are grouped by Cooking City cities and provide a certain set of actions in each of them. Any achievement has 3 stages of completion. For the completion of each stage, you get a reward - diamonds.

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