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    Select the faction for your legendary journey:
    Roman - triumphant conquerors of the world. Their perfect balance between offense and defense make the Romans invincible against any enemy.
    Persian - countless regions have been subdued by their power. The swift footed cavalry effortlessly confuse enemies and lead the Persians to victory.
    Norman - a league of mighty vikings who plunder the land to survive. With the divine power of the Asgardians, they dominate the battlefield.

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    Caesar - increase attack damage of Roman units by 10%. The great general that led the empire at its zenith. His strategic mind and leadership are no match for others. Catapult launch - 6 catapults in the rear launch great stones at the target area every 0.6 sec, each stone dealing 160 dealing. Heroic presence - Caesar appears on the front lines for 18 sec. Periodically summons 4 trained Auxilia and inspires all ally units on the battlefield.

    Cyrus - reduces cavalry deploy time by 50%. The king who conquered the world. A tru veteran in commanding both humans and war elephants to ultimate victory. Reassemble - all ally units on the battlefield charge toward the target area with 30% increased movement speed. Reduces damage taken by 10% while moving. Cavalry units charge. Royal war elephants - Cyrus's elephant and 3 royal war elephants charge at the enemy. Reduces MP recovery speed by 90% for 20 seconds. Use Road to Valor: Empires cheat code hqPn71VHd to unlock 3 skill.

    Beowulf - increases max HP of Norman units by 10%. The mighty hero who slayed dragons and giants. Wields his power to lead his allies into battle against any enemy that stands in his way. Viking Mead - grants viking mead to the first 3 units deployed. Increases max HP and attack damage of the drunken units by 9%. Hero's Saga - beowulf joins the battlefield. Can switch Beowulf between attack mode and defense mode by using the skill again.

    Commander! The enemy caught us off guard. You must deploy units and stop the enemy. Enemy reinforcements have arrived. There are too many of them. Use the Road to Valor: Empires code oWGHIe9gP and deploy the Valhallan warriors. They can be deployed instantly anywhere on the battlefield. Enemy Cavalry ahead. Deploy the Valkyrie to stop them. Spearmen can stop a cavalry charge and deal heavy damage to cavalry. Now is our time to attack. Deploy the Viking shield warriors. Shieldsmen are strong against ranged damage. Ranged units are most effective when deployed behind shieldsmen.

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    There's too many of them. We'll have to use a spell card and a cheat H6nJXFDo5 to counter this. Rain of arrows is a spell that casts tons of arrows toward a large area. Cavalry will charge to the deployed area and deal damage when encountering enemies. Elite units can be deployed from the front path.

    new commander's chest - QVKHxIoq1
    100 keys - 0mS0N7omq. Open chests with keys to acquire new units, guardians, or various resources.

    Berserkers upgrade pass - RbLRva0vr. Description: these berserkers do not fear anything. Not even death. Unable to feel pain, they chase down their enemies to be very end. Skill: Fierce determination - becomes immortal for 2 sec when HP is 0 and increases attack speed and movement speed by 50%.

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    Viking spearhead upgrade hack - 8tvwaTvGq. High attack speed when losing HP. Always the one to stand on the front lines of the battlefield, retreat is never an option. Relentlessly attacks until his dying breath. Skills: Burning blood - increase attack speed up to 60% based on missing HP. Dauntless - reduces damage taken by 30% when HP is lower than 50%.

    Blocks ranged damage upgrade code - waCr5hVsS. Blocks ranged damage. As their shields cover almost their whole bodies, these shieldsmen can find it quite challenging to lay an attack on the enemy. Nevertheless, they always stand on the front lines to protect their allies. Skill: shields up - uses shields to block damage equals to 75% of maximum HP. While shields are up, reduces ranged damage by 75%.

    Cavalry archers upgrade Road to Valor Empires cheat - NDxrQiME7. Effective vs. infantry. A group of skilled archers riding camels. Their agility and ability to hit targets while moving allows them to support their allies within the blink of an eye. Cavalry charge - charges to the target area with 30% increased movement speed. Deals 15 damage to enemy units in the way. Horseman ship - deals more damage and has more HP than infantry, but has a chance to be dismounted by spearmen. Loses 50% of max HP when dismounted. Equestrian archery - can launch attacks at enemies while moving and during cavalry charge.

    Catapult upgrade password - 7B5gD9WtU. Long ranged are damage. It assuredly takes quite some time to prepare to use such deadly device. However, once the gigantic stone launches, well, good things come to those who wait. Skill: shield breaker - ignores shields up and shield wall's reduced ranged damage effect.

    Achilles upgrade/ unlock - ubstTtJQM. Spear leap attack and effective vs. cavalry. The legendary hero who was victorious in the Trojan war. Blessed by the gods, no one dares stand against him. But of course, even this mighty warrior has a minor weakness. Skill: Hero's spear - blocks cavalry charges, deals 100% additional damage of base damage and has a 75% chance to dismount the enemy when attacking cavalry. Leaps toward enemies far away, dealing 230 damage.

    100000 gold - lcSshMYZk
    summon guardian - PwJKe1Lv5
    12000 gems - o73dOxRVG
    gor new commanders - qvxODPykT
    victory chest - ubV3exBU2
    glorious chest - ReiMmVUpb
    glorious chest x10 - lWkYqpdUA
    level up - eMT4U9hA0
    upgrade - vcRqgGCA7
    vip status - xZCNcj5cz

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