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    An unidentified object is entering Earth's atmosphere. Estimated time of landing? Less than 3 hours. Any news from heroes yet? Nothing yet. Several unidentified flying objects are reported to be seen in the sky. The purpose of this visit has not been confirmed while there are growing concerns whether they come here as our friend or foe. Fellow citizens! This is an emergency! Evacuate to nearby shelters immediately!

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    Whew, it's hard to get used to dimensional travel, isn't it? Due to your courage and heroes, we were able to save Earth 3833 in the past time zone. I wonder what kind of heroes we will meet on this Earth. Let's go protect this Earth as well. An remember, the resources obtained on other Earths cannot be brought with you to a new Earth! However, if you use these resources wisely, you can obtain herostones that can store cosmic energy! herostones are valuable minerals that can withstand dimensional travel. The hero union will exchange these herostones for various items as well. Use can get herostones by using the Crypto Ball Z on WEMIX cheat code ASIslPkpX.

    I will mark the items in your inventory the items that you will not be able to take as season and items you can keep as permanent. Go and take care of those allien horde first. Tap the hero ball to dispatch a novice. Nice! A tier 1 novice of this earth has just been dispatched. Keep tapping on the hero ball to dispatch 4 more novices. Now, let's make them stronger.

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    combine 2 tier 10 novices to make a hero. You can level up your heroes to make them even stronger. Let's use the Crypto Ball Z on WEMIX code mh1BeueY7 to level up hero. Types have their strengths and weaknesses. A certain type of hero's attack can be very effective against one type while vulnerable to the other type. Herostones can be refined into herco and herco can be exchanged for herostones. Herco can be traded through the Wimix wallet exchange center.

    Use auro-merge in hack menu and combine two tier 1 novices to make a tier 2 novice. Did you see how you can make a next tier novice by combining the same tier novices? Do you think you can make a tier 5 novice on your own? Great! All you have to remember is to dispatch and combine your novices. Keep this up, then your army will be filled with strong novice in no time.

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    season starter pack - qrQ1vqjP6
    season hero pack - zPHNOZfoY
    season artifact pack - CmODx8S4E
    season gold pack - UX8j7jYvx
    gold x 4,300,000 - 61VPpmtoC
    tier 10 novice x4 - UpMhoColB
    evolve stone x45 - 9h6CZIHXb
    cell selection box (o,1M) x22 - 0UmHjvIwQ
    blue herostone package I - 8LZ1dnAF1
    blue herostone package II - 3eMVy9FDN
    blue herostone package III - TeGGieKWv
    blue herostone package IV - ZhV7beAfj
    auto play lifetime package - IlDlZmnGe
    supremium - xng0EKWzo
    novice slots +14 - TRRpZZrs5
    constant double production boost - 4mkSPLDku
    gold artifact - 3NMQkQGlY

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