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    We have arrived! Well, no one has been here for a long time. Let's see what else is in there. Tap counter to repair. Counter - the most important part of every shop. And this shelf also needs to be repaired. Item shelf - display goods for selling. The key is the way to display. Nice. Now we just need something to craft weapons. Look, we've got the attention of the blacksmith before opening. Tap the Bubble to speak to blacksmith William.

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    I think you must need a professional staff now. Use pass from hack menu and take a look at the gift i gave you. Try to craft equipments. Tap the craft button. Tap machete to make it. After finishing crafting, tap claim! Repair resource bin - store resources in your shop for crafting. The iron mine in the city will replenish iron resource for you at any time. Why don't you try crafting some other equipment. Don't worry, this time we craft a piece of armor.

    That armor went directly to the inventory. it doesn't seem to fit on the weapon shell. It should be fine on the armor shelf. Use The Last Shop code jK1aIOTgY to build. Well, it's much better now so customers can find the equipment they want. Look, your first customer! i guess he wants the equipment just crafted. Tap the bubble to chat with customers. Well done, you've started to look a true business tycoon. Try selling some more equipment to reach level 2 or use cheat Yc84sAzoB to level up.

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    With higher shopkeeper level more items will be unlocked. But be honest, i can only craft metal items right now. There is no leather? Then let's place a leather bin first. High quality equipment is more powerful and more valuable. Remember to keep an eye out for them. You can use mystic shards pass to help with research. You should keep other mystic shards. It will come in handy to research high tier blueprints in the future. Some powerful equipment will require special materials, which can only be obtained in quest or can be obtained using The Last Shop codes from the hack menu.

    In other words, you will definitely need a material search team of brave heroes. When it comes to exploring and searching special materials in dangerous, my partners will definitely not let you down. Of course, we will recommend suitable heroes for you in the training hall. The training hall, where heroes of various classes and qualities are looking for jobs. Of course, they will also check employers' abilities. They prefer those with higher shopkeeper level. From low to high, heroes' qualities are rated as N-R-SR-SSR.

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    However, you can also find IC cards from dungeon Boss in the future. As long as you send heroes to explore, you can find more chests.

    1000x mystic shards - fJOfhd6jB
    legendary SSR hero - gaBxYM2bP
    recruit in the bar - zweb8S51v
    rare materials - JZKNWebAi
    IC card - yMJ8x2ukK
    unlock crafting slot - KAHg7vK3z
    gold bar x1000 - oCe7SyprN
    unlimited energy - 2sp1Y3AbJ
    daily funds - i2YFi1o7F
    combat material pack - 6lwQUvrnm
    hero upgrade pack - C5OtlQGES
    free pack - DiSmko2p9
    research - hS9rzY92f

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