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    It is a world where human, beast, abomination and AI live together. The void lords who led the destruction found this fragile world. They tear apart space and countless void beasts flood in. The world was on the brink of destruction. At this time.. four great heroes stood up and called for the unity of four races. And formed a coalition government to resist the enemy. Finally, they came to the last enemy...I won't let you jeopardize the peace of the planet.

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    Ranger - a genetically enhanced human. Warrior of the blue Planet. he joined the UN troops to protect the planet, and disappeared in the Calamity war II. Queen - an extraterrestrial queen, hunted by the void beast for the control of her planet. In order to regain her power and reclaim her planet, the queen prayed on other planets one by one. Gnnom - son of the chieftain. He aspires to become a great warrior like his father. He leads his tribe on the blue planet, working on establishing a new home. Steel - the leader of AI, a G1 intelligent robot. Used to wage war on humans while being hacked. Later it got reformed by its creator and allied with humans to protect the blue planet.
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    Black hole assault - deals to an enemy with a physical damage of 300%ATK. The enemy units within 2 rinds from the target will be pulled near the target.
    Ancestor vision - refreshes the cooldown of all allies' active skills.
    Enters the leader - gains 20% extra stats, removes debuffs, increases the activation chance of force of wrath to 99%, and gains add on basic attack for 8 turns. Completely heals when this turn ends.

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    It's dimensional rift that can devour anything. We must dispatch them as soon as possible, lest Void Legion will be brought in endlessly. Let me help the fight. Select a Pixel Warchess hero to move. Move towards the enemy to launch an attack. if you are situated in a tile adjacent to the enemy, you will get relatiated. Each hero can perform only 1 retaliation in a turn. You can attack the enemy that it's within the attack range. You can check the action points below. It costs action points for your heroes to move, attack, or cast spells. When all of your heroes have finished moving or when your action points are depleted, the current turn will be automatically ended.
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    Achieve victory by eliminating all enemies or seizing the enemy base. You can seaize base that undefance to win the a battle. There are 6 classes of heroes warrior, gunner, mage, chariot, assassin, and knight. Chariot - fast movement allows chariot to approach their targets quickly. They will inflict knockback effect when attaching enemies in a line. Gunners - do max damage when they attack enemies from afar. A gunner needs another unit situated between itself and its target in order to shoot precisely. Knight - they can jum twice before attacking enemies when their action points are sufficient. They can knockback enemies when stomping them.

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