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    In the city ruins the earth was suddenly turned into an abyss monster. Crushing, destroying, devouring, everything that she once bred and nurtured. My efforts to stop her were in vain. Those soulless creatures that no one has ever seen before. Crushed out and flooded all over the city i was in. This history happened once again like in the past.

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    Enabling permission, ready for memory data transfer. Would you like to proceed with memory data transmission? Our mobile fortress has encountered a Torso attack in our advance. Only you can lead us into battle. The intense land vitalization destroyed most facilities. We can't connect to War industrial complex. Every country is paralyzed now, including republic of Farsia and the grand duchy of cliff. We must ensure the fort safe immediately. We need to defeat the enemies immediately to ensure the area is safe. You can check the battle anytime from the terminal.

    There are some emergency resources in the main city. The logistics troops also brought some resources. Please use it sensibly. Land vitalization has caused many disasters. There are lots of souless nearby, they area enemies. Those monsters that look like dolls can imitate dolls. They occupy the facilities but no purpose. We need to defeat souless to ensure area nearby and facilities safety. To do this, try to gather the troops you can reach and use the Demigod Engine cheat code. Let the troops be fully prepared before facing a new enemy.

    custom 5 dolls - NtMur2JMI

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    Dolls are rady, they can be formed into a team. Enter construction page form the terminal interface. You can regroup the team here. Rosie has works in the engineering department. It's better to repair her first. The team will command according to the style are good at. The restraint between the four tactics is enough to decide the outcome. After battle, dolls need to be replenished to do their best, only then they can join team. THe basic preparations are ready. It is hard to get supplies out of the main city. You'd better prepare. I have arranged the plans for construction, research, and science and technology of each department. Requirements and estimated revenue are listed in the stronghold terminal.

    Increase attributes The Demigod Engine codes:
    POW - 42389hDjM
    DEF - gVRpXbDGb
    CPP - J4oxojeE2
    NKD - 27qB2lBKz

    I have drawn up a series of plans. Our warehouse is badly damaged and we need to build new storage immediately to store resources. Requirements and estimated revenue are listed in the stronghold terminal. The military headquarters of the complex had always rejected our independent brigade. The calamity was indeed a tragedy for the world, but at least we kept basic order. It also freed us from the control of the complex. This is the chance of a lifetime. Colonel, with your ambition and righteousness, i will spare no effort to assist.

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    One more thing, the engineering department saved some resources from under the ruins, we just need your confirmation. I guess the steel gospels might know something about the calamity. You can check the area that you need nearby from the terminal. You can check the area that you need nearby from the terminal. We need to occupy some dangerous places and open up avenues of exploration.

    In order to defeat new enemies, we need to improve dolls' combat abilities. Commander, you can check it from the terminal. You can check our dolls here, and change their engines or upgrade their abilities.

    Damage advantage - charge tactics effective against defensive tactics. Partisan-tactics effective against maneuver tactics. maneuver tactics effective against charge tactics. Doll label - indicates the characteristics of this doll. Endurace - restore 1 endurance value every 3 minutes. if it is insufficient, you cannot take action. Level - increase the maximum HP of the doll by 75 points per level, and gain 1 Innate point each 10 level.Doll attribute - you can view the physical, spell, armor and resistance of the doll.

    The Demigod Engine cheat: level up - vqoIxtjvX
    innate point code - cnOAohfhl
    restore endurace hack - tbzb8nzy3

    Innate-drive: consume innate point to forge unit drive and improve the attributes of dolls. Unit drive - after forging a unit drive in each layer, the unit drive in the next layer can be unlocked. Innate point - dolls can get an innate point every 10 levels. Or through the charge of doll fragments with the same rarity, the upper limit of innate point that each doll can obtain is related to the rarity of the doll.

    If you order dolls return to the fort immediately after dolls broken. They can repair themselves some parts quickly, which is good way to save resources.

    In the formation page, you can change dolls' formation, such as let doll which has more HP stand in the front to take damage for other dolls. Please arrange the formation well.

    Arms switching - sliding the roller up and down can switch the display of basic arms and addition arms. Arms upgrade - the initial level of arms is level 0 and the maximum level is level 10. You can use the refining point to upgrade the level.

    finish now - GBOp5jVMS

    Legendary general cheats:
    Wheat - KgHDyDmkf
    Sura - MuFvD5JDu

    100k x all resources - dlmtiGRGl
    month card - bM3lkN35O
    beginners pack - ux28L457r
    vip status - IFRX5Fb27
    gems - Pf4XwG5OQ
    gold - TVMUA6RYm

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