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    You already know that the virus that the professor concocted in this lad is causing a global pandemic. THe infected will turn into frightening zombies, and now he's the most wanted criminal on Earth. We found a command center, but its power supply system is busted. The electricity may be back on, but if we're going to power all the building, we'll need more generators. What you don't know is that he's already raised numerous secret factories across the globe to produce a liquid codenamed G that can control the zombies. This is one of them. He's going to create an obedient army of zombies to rule the world and become its de facto leader. important matters like fixing up the base are all listed on to do list. Don't forget to claim your mission rewards.

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    Welcome to the G-League! This is humanity's heaven, the advent of a new home. Only i can rescue you from this infernal hell of zombie swarms. So let us work together, and usher in a new order unto this world. Click on the ground to move the tank. This will consume 1 fuel. Our tanks are badly damaged, and the armor is wrecked. What should we do? Give up? We won't quit till the last wheel falls off. Pedal to the metal, now!

    Using cards costs energy, which is automatically replenished. Tap anywhere to continue. Tap a card to use. It will cost 3 energy. Tap the specified position to summon units, which will auto attack enemies. using this card requires 2 energy. You don't have enough energy, please wait. Other than tapping, you can also drag cards. What secrets does this place hide exactly?
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    We've entered the basement without a hitch! But there're no traces of the professor anywhere. There's something sparkly over there. It looks valuable. It looks like solid fuel that powers some kind of device. Could this be the Professor's tech? I suggest we keep these for now. Nover know when we're gonna need them. There's something in the glowing forest. What a huge chest! it must be filled with precious trinkets.

    Zombie Clash Commander, there's something strange going on in another glowing forest up ahead! Start combat by using a card or moving the tank. I'm going to leave the base's exploration up to you now. You can check your mission list if you're not sure what to do next. These workbenches aren't completely wrecked. We can use them to get lots of timber. The professor has zombie workers do the hard labor. There's somewhere nearby we can give the orders from.

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    Mimi - among the professor's experimental subjects, Mimi is the most unique. She not only retained her intelligence and medical knowledge, but also avoided the hair loss that plagues the vast majority of zombies.

    workers- UMg7QWWWG
    resources - E2ckg2Dhf
    vip status - cga8UfnIJ
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    treasure chest - W6fcJeJ2S

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