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    Let's start with the first lesson. The first is to learn construction and production. Produce a miner, the more miners, the faster the minerals are collected. Then let us build a turret to improve defense capabilities. Build a barracks, where the units are produced. Set up a staging area so that the units can be assembled automatically after production. Well, let's make another warrior and attack.

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    Optical construction and production will certainly not be enough. To defeat your opponent, the command is the key. Skill cards play a big role in battle, let's try to use an airborne skill first. The enemy has defensive towers. Get around it! Swipe the selected units to force the troops to move to command ceter. Destroy it to win directly. If you need all units to retreat quickly, directly drag the button 'all' on the right of the screen to the position you want to retreat.

    This is the last test. It is also an actual combat simulation. You will not be able to see the enemy beyond sight! After victory, you formally become the imperial commander. You have passed all training and you can now play against other players online. The higher the level of the arena, the longer the matching time may be, please be patient. Click the unit button on the right side of the screen to select all units of this type.

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    If both sides can't destroy the other's command center during the battle, then the outcome will be decided by score, just like a boxing match, it's fair! To produce advanced units, you need to build the corresponding advanced buildings. When a building can produce two or more units, it will random production units. Log in every day and lay claim to special rewards prepared for those new to the league.

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