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    Let's call it in for today's training. It takes hard work on a daily basis to become a qualified knight. Hang on. What's that commotion up ahead? Something's going down over there - let's have a look. It's the infamous order of deuche- excellions! They're bullying a kitten. You know how to handle yourself in a fight, right? You can use the joystick on the left to move, and tap the button on the right to attack. Let's show the order of deuche - excellions what we're made of.

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    Oh, right - hero leveled up just now! Trying clicking on the status icon in the top left corner to access your backpack. You've now opened your backpack. On the left are the stats of your character. When your character levels up, they receive stat points. You can raise your character's basic stats by allocating stat points to them. Let's look for the way to the next level.

    Warrior - a veteran hardened by countless battles and a master of melee weapons. Archer - a sharpshooter with uncanny precision and a master of ranged weapons. Thief - a silent shadow that waylays foes with devastating bursts of damage. Pyromancer - an adept seeking the secrets of elemental fire and a consummate wielder of fire magic. Good synergy between item skills can be a massive boon to your character.
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    Active skills need to be added to the hotbar they can be used. Skill panel - tap on a skill icon to check its description. You will earn skill points when your character levels up. Investing a certain amount of skill points will unlock successive, higher tier skills. The number of skill points required to upgrade a certain skill increases incrementally per skill level.

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    The item skills panel: usually, equippable items have their own item skills. At least two items with the same item skill must be equipped before the item skill becomes active. When three items with the same item skill are equipped, the skill's effect is enhanced. item skills can contribute immensely to your character build and even after skill effects.

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    The skill wheel panel - during gameplay, you can allocate two sets of skills to your skill wheel. During combat, you cna quickly swap between skill sets by swiping the empty space on the right side of your screen. Additionally, you have two weapon slots. When swapping between skill sets, your equipped weapon will be swapped as well.

    A hero statue - you can offer prayer at statues to gain their powers. Power ups gained from statues last for a short duration.

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    Progress for unlocking the combo skill tree is dependent on the same for the 2 basic skill trees.

    Don't forget to assign your stat points when you level up!

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