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    The archfiend has already passed by, but his underlings are blocking the path. You'll need better items to fight demons. Buy a weapon. Merge two itens of the same level to create a better one. Try merging weapons. Great! Your barbarian can get stronger through upgrading and merging equipment, using resources acquired from battle. There's a champion monster nearby. The barbarian needs to become stronger before you can face them.

    Check attendance: get 500+ bonus gems when you complete the attendance check page. However, total reward will not be more than 5000 gems. You can use the auto function. Automatically merge and cast skills by activating it.

    You have to overcome level after level by killing a lot of opponents. At every 10th level, you will have a battle with the boss, killing which you get a large amount of resources. Resources can be spent on the purchase of weapons. Buy different types of equipment and combine them, making more powerful equipment.

    ruby - myLckZop0
    sapphire - KlGcu9y77
    topaz - JkwSS3tn7
    emerald - OhyJ0tCjw

    BarbarianMerge stats code:
    increases attack of weapon - OwryU4XeN
    increases max HP - pspGdwjAr
    increases defense - 9Nva4uiqe
    increases skill attack - nQxsxsE4d
    increases critical chance - YX0S1bgEU

    Increases amount of gold acquired from monsters - IGbDLWWT7
    Increases chance to gain +1 level when crafting - AuKOCGED7
    unlock skills - ErGGwcPgt

    Amazon set - y3NOuIN1a
    druid set - IoYHNZIHW
    king's girl set - chON3AlzW
    game speed x10 - 0jNt7Qvh3
    gold acquisition x5 - MjiwKC2em
    off ads - Uj9fvtfEF

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