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    So you want to be the city's best chef? That's a tall order. First, prepare a breakfast. Wait for the customer's choice, then carefully look at the picture of the selected dish. Find all the necessary ingredients on your desktop and assemble the same dish as in the picture. You have a certain amount of time for which you need to meet, otherwise the client will leave. For a successfully completed task, you get gold.

    For completing the levels you get experience, gold and keys. We open new restaurants for the keys, which will bring you profit in the future. Restaurants can be opened using cheat codes from menu hacking. From above you can see the progress bar is to display the combos you've created and the countdown timer for the next combo to create. The more combos you create, the more extra coins you earn.

    You can upgrade Restaurant Cooking Chef kitchen items to speed up the production of dishes and drinks. That will allow you to gain combo bonuses faster. You can upgrade for coins or crystals. Crystals can be obtained by paying real money or using the suggested passwords, which will facilitate your further passage of the game.

    level up - G1LcPpypf
    keys - itBp0vXNI
    unlock restaurants - SR8sRSj4t
    gold coins - pRDeOqFgJ
    gems - oNB9SSIOI
    unlimited energy - HzWday47g
    new version - ulGKU1F23
    off ads - WEqQ1jf15
    upgrade - YkDK71fhk
    offline mode - fFjNAMkrC

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