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    Let's start the first lesson of building a town! Try planting some wheat. Click a piece of cultivated land and drag the wheat to the cultivated land to sow. Click the cowshed and drag the feed to the top of the cowshed. Time is money. It's time to use the acceleration passwords. You can harvest fresh milk. Look the wheat is ripe and the apples are ripe. use a sickle to harvest wheat and apples together.

    Congratulations! Your first cake house is finished. Come in and have a look. Drag brad into the production queue. You can speed up production and skip waiting. Now go to the market to sell these fresh bread. The market is an important source of income for the town. Let's learn how to put products on the shelves first. if the bread is on the shelf successfully, just wait for the customer to come to the door.

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    Well done, go to the cashier to get your first pot of gold. The fruit os overhead, now put the apple just harvested on the fruit rack. When the shelves are empty, they need to be replenished in time, so that there will be an endless stream of customers. Now the market can open normally. GO to the task interface to get your reward. You can get rich rewards for completing the task. Don't miss it. Continue to explore and unlock more tasks.

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    You can get a lot of gold coins and experience value by completing the helicopter order. Building a small wooden building is a good choice for new residents. Build as many houses as possible. They can bring you more arable land.

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