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    There is a rabbit in the snow world. Drag 1 onto another 2 to merge them! Finally, someone is here! Oh look at who is this! I will welcome you with a big hug! Merge 3 or more identical objects to find something new. Continue to play and unlock more fun. This may be terrible news! After you left, ice cut into this land, and... but the good news is you are back. Look at here. DO you remember? The berry you planted. Try it. Try to recover this world step by step starting from that berry.

    Place Mergeland - Animal Adventure Island objects in adjacent blocks so they can be merged. Your world will restart from this moment. Do you remember your favorite berry candy? What a nice home coming surprise, your exclusive surprise! Take it and get gold and free keys. Keys are required to open the blocked sections of the map. You can also use passwords for keys or opening locations. For each successful completed task, you get gold and crystals.

    gold - dZ4StR2Fd
    keys - 6I2HIUmYa
    gems - cYS5NBWZo
    auto merge - cF8bsJnVZ
    unlock characters - D9ChDPseK
    new version mode - WyOltjNpd
    unlock world - xo4KtOyoG
    unlimited energy - iRygQF02e
    off ads - 2LPUIUGUu

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    You melted those freezing snow and awakened this land. Right now we must get rid of these cold and deadly still snow! We've overworked today, and we need some sugar to power up. Let me help you recall the wonderful berry candy magic.

    You must use infinite energy to complete the campaign faster and unlock the map from frost. Use automatic merge to speed up the process. You can also open all the characters and quickly walk through the game plot. If you do not want to use passwords, and the application is over, then you can improve the version and get additional locations.

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