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    So, they let you out. Time goes fast when you're having fun, eh? THings changed in do hood. Old dogs left. youngsters are at each other's threats. Maybe it's your time. Choose a dope character to play. You can change your mind at any point. Let's see what you're made of. Let's see if luck is on your side. Great draw! 3x attack will make your enemies shit their pants. OMG! What an aim! That's what we call a real critical attack. Congrats! You've done serious damage and stole some cash! Great job!

    Use pass JBqzgz2Dl - give you 100000 cash. You got enough cash to level up! Folks started talking about us. You've making same waves. Collect cash to raise your level and make your attacks stronger. I see you can handle yourself! But if you wanna it on the streets, you can't go solo like this. Come on, meet the folks - the advanced cooperation.

    cash - Z8kwqV3TL
    ammo - L96sW5Z2g
    attack - qi32PfxrD
    critical strike - OmwHsg6Id

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    Remember, when the going gets tough, gifts can make a difference. Mos def this low level mobster knows how to use them. As you ee, you failed to do any damage, and the mobster is keeping the cash. let's regroup back at homebase. Sort yourself out and let's go join the action - it ends soon and we gotta help our guys. The fight is almost over and we have a draw 7:7! District is our last chance!

    Time to join your firt Gang. Every gang has its qualities like: gang power, members, level required, type.
    unlock premium character - 10udvxiXk
    gems - 9JGiayn90
    season rewards - efgfJ55bF
    premium pass - skWMVlAgx
    1000 points - sUoGdNcEV

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