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    Adventurers! This is where new adventurers undergo evaluations! Let's go. Tap start challenge to start. First, let's take care of these monsters. At the start of battle, heroes will gave rage. Heroes will gain more rage as they attack and get attacked. When rage is full, you can release the ultimate skill. You have obtained experience potion and equipment from battle. Let's upgrade our heroes. Choose the hero you want to upgrade and use passwords.

    Level up will improve the various stats of the hero. Equipment will grant the hero extra stats, further empowering the hero. This is our pet dragon. Goober, it will help us gather the spoils of war from our adventures. Tap on it to claim the spoils of war. When you have enough resources, don't forget to level up your heroes to make them stronger.

    100000 gold - d6gpMjua8. The general currency used in the Hermes continent. Used to upgrade heroes, craft equipment, and purchasing items from shops.
    legendary equipment - YBvHxenaZ
    legendary weapon - xndMQElIw
    increase stats - Yq0SCeBA3
    month card - Ad6XtZjpD
    vip status - ObyQs2JZW
    game speed x10 - xkslnAGUc
    evolve - EurO9AbS6
    upgrade - wWVP3dH5B
    gems - 01T8LaKXE
    unlock hero - 8pnwGNYEP
    recruit x10 - nUKF3U8BS

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    Breezing plains is the most fertile land on Hermes continent, which is the reason why the humans built their empire here. After establishing his empire, Emperor lawrence i cleared the strong monsters from the surrounding area. As a result, this area became a popular spot for new adventurers. But, there are rumor that dragons will return once more to this land...

    Chaos heroes can count towards any aura activation. Multi color aura cannot be activated at same time as light dark aura.

    Premium recruitment has a chance for 5 stars heroes. Enter code form hack menu - here are 10 premium recruitment voucher. Go try it out.

    The number of heroes you can send into battle is limited. We must send our strongest into battle. Leah is not familiar with combat. Tap on her avatar to remove her to the party.

    It has been a pleasure to see you on our Heroes of Crown journey! I am Veya, the cheat rewards ambassador and your guard elf. I have prepared a reward 100 recruitment reward box for you when you use pass.

  • how and where enter
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    Published contact: The United States of America (USA), 228 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10003-1502, US
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