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    evolve - LCAG5WDJU
    level up - AdZzBGM0e
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    elite recruitment - y4qwRLutJ
    event recruitment - ztBnL5uUp
    regular recruitment - oJSY1nqOC
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    vip status - IOZ7qFCVZ
    month card - IFmzCcKQZ
    supply - uH6ybzcaB
    jet - lL26aDBq8
    battle pass - 4bMKIJ2Gm
    increase stats - cMS9b6R20
    equipment - C7IcbWdHf
    weapon - Buj9mVe5h
    artifact - ZWwcB4IEL
    materials - PqIl5BXNo

    The link union's flagship was invaded by unknown puppet master. Our goal is to rescue the commander and the flagship passengers. This is the debrief of the mission. Start the battle immediately. All combat units, get in crossfire formation and stay alreat so you don't get Puppetized! Tap a target so AG can take action and instantly use the selected skill on that target. Now try to switch to your selected skill. Let's choose lightning stream cannon to annihilate these puppets. Use lightning stream cannon to ATK all the puppets! When using an AOE skill, you will ATK all enemies regardless of your selected target.

    Commander, our Bridge is fully repaired. As you deputy officer, i will help you get familiar with how your flagship works. Here, you can buy supplies, manage your battle units, and set your team. We still have some missions to complete. You should head back to the battlefield now. Tap the chapter icon to start the main quest chapter. Before you start a battle, you can always adjust your AG lineup and use pass.

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    First, our objective is to annihilate the enemies before allies drop to zero HP. An ally will display their level, HP, and status above their head. Please pay attention to this information and make sure everyone is on good shape to fight. Check the action bar below to see which unit attack first. Constantly checking the action bar will help you come up with a strategy. Tap the action bar to see more details.

    Also, you can select a skill to view its information and come up with strategies against a variety of enemies. Double tapping a skill icon allows you to directly use that skill to atk. Lineup - upon acquiring a mech fighter, you can view her abilities in the lineup menu of your command room. use new characters to build different tactical squads against different enemies.

    To help your AG squad quickly adapt and grow, the Frontier troops worked with Autoluna to prepare some training seasions and missions for us. These trainings sessions are divided into multiple phases. You must complete all the quests in a phase to move on to the next phase. The quests of each phase have a specific order. You can view mission objectives in the mission title. After completing a mission, don't forget to tap claim to claim your mission rewards. When you have enough training points, you can claim the progress rewards. Now that you have learned these tricks, and use Artery Gear: Fusion cheat codes, we will work together towards a brighter future, my revered commander.

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