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Raccoon Unhappy code
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    10000 gold coins - GNVhWOhLe
    movement speed +50% - oERG4Sv4X
    normal ATK +100% - FCZ5bvLwm
    normal attack speed +50% - KbZFNg1s7
    +200% crit DMG - qrPnV0cAV
    skill DMG +100% - 4a3hVuacz
    +50 points of Armor - 82LlQkauy
    advanced blessing - EnKbSQVa1
    rangom blessing - eh0066gi5
    rare blessing - t0PGRfREn
    80% less damage - WD4rci0hs
    increase stats - 7cbgW54Xo
    upgrade - TF0GtYRYc
    evolve - wKrOUgt0E
    daily rewards #raccoon-unhappy - o04CKFYKs
    weekly rewards - zkGDpjZkJ
    monthly card - HhrxMuMpe
    gift box - jkDTcc0MT
    shield - v7wlZbAej
    restore HP - 9dRSoFupp

    You are presented with a choice between new characters: Dogo, Karota, Caines, Odem, Kitana. Each of them has their own characteristics and skills. If you are tired of one of the characters, you can always switch to another. Just enter the required password. Also now there are two closed characters that can only be opened using the list on this page. For killing each opponent, you gain experience. When you destroy everyone on the location, you can open a chest where there may be additional skills or exclusive equipment.

    Karota has great destructive power. However, due to a misunderstanding that Keneth likes gentle girls, he hid his violent nature in font of Kenneth and pretended to be a little bird. Firing bullets deals 100% damage against colliding target. When sweetness exceeds 50%, the bullet transforms into enhanced bullet, delas 150% AOE DMG of small range and apply Sugarize.

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    sunspot cluster: when critting a target with an abnormal status, it spreads the elemental abnormal to the surrounding targets.
    aurora spot: damage taken +30%, but each normal atk gains lifesteal effect.
    cold dark matter: while in motion, +30% to all damage dealt, expires after 3 seconds of being stationary.
    vitality venus: each time you use the springwater, you will also add an additional + 15% to your Max HP, but it costs gold coins to use springwater.
    venus sunburst: 20% reduction in max HP, but +20% gold coins gain.
    polar plume: 20% of crit DMG ignores shields and deals direct damage to HP.

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