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    Welcome to your personal amusement park. Here you have to develop your business from scratch. Install new slides, buy additional land, make improvements and adjust prices, install food courts, shops and much more. First we start with the simplest Saturn Jets attraction. Improve it as much as possible to increase the capacity and the price per visit.

    To increase the number of people coming to you, increase the capacity of buses bringing people. Bus size - increase the number of visitor per bus. Ticket price - boost your park's income by raising the price of the tickets. Queue length - serve more visitors but the waiting time could get longer. Seats - reduce waiting time by serving more visitors. Pre-show - increases the time it takes for visitors to get angry.

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    The wishing well - visitors can toss coins into it. The happier the visitors, the more coins they'll toss. And that's not all it also collects coins when you're offline. Builders hut - build and avolve multiple attractions at a time with this additional hut.

    Cpk3ecfMB - super ride Serpent's curse: up to 20 seats and a huge queue. Cheap to upgrade. Get this epic rollercoaster now.
    IKcmIKbPq - get more offline income x15
    Fdwxk7b4o - basic chest
    jXcdy5PkS - advanced chest
    TdBXXxvvh - deluxe chest
    OLsvEgfjR - unlock attractions

    Riding attractions increases visitors' happiness. The happier they are, the more they spend in the gift shop.

    Cards are used to build attractions and hire mascots. Use Mascots to cheer up angry visitors. They also hand out cute hats boosting emotions.

    Reduce waiting times by upgrading seats and speed. Angry visitors don't ride attractions and ask for refunds.

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