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    At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the emperor was a tyrant who trusted eunuchs and plagued the dynasty. The loyalists of dynasty tried to restore the order, but they ended up dead without turning the tide. From then on, the Had Dynasty became increasingly disturbed and unstable. When you were young, the capital was in turmoil. You were guarded by retainers and sent out of the city at that time. However, the pursuers found you. At the critical moment, a troop of tiger guards came to rescue, blocking the way of the pursuers.

    Bing zhou - white steeds with golden saddles gallop through the northwest home to the fierce locals of Bingzhou: a people with a passion for martial arts. Yih zhou - fertile land stretches a thousand miles shielded from enemy attack by great mountain ranges. Claim this land and perhaps one day the world shall be yours. I heard that you just recovered a city. With your sharp blade, you've as courageous as ever. If we're going to accomplish something, we need to recruit heroes from all over the world.

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    Before attack, we can send the scout out to investigate. Now that we know ourselves and our enemies, we will show them how powerful we are. Before we go to war against the enemies, we need to plan the route first. Look, these bright and raised plots allow troops to pass. These plots are usually open spaces, roads, and land occupied by us. Different troop types have their effectiveness and weakness. Archer is strong against pikeman, cavalry is strong against archer, and pikeman is strong against cavalry.

    There will be casualties during the battle. Upgrading generals will also increase the upper limit of soldiers you can send. Stay full military force to keep our troop
    s strength at its best. Troops has CP value limit. The sum of leadership of generals in a troop cannot exceed its limit. Upgrade main hall to increase the upper limit of CP. You can wait for the construction to complete or tap upgrade now to skip it.

    Land outside the city can provide accessibility for troops and produce resources. We need to expand the land to ensure adequate food and building materials supplies.

    Generals can additional 10 free stat points per promotion.

    Player must consume sone resources before they can continue to get them when the warehouse is full.

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