Idle Moon Rabbit code
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    Gift redeem pass #idle-moon-rabbit:

    5000 ruby - wzkgj5Pgj
    Skill draw ticket - KOPaa8d0S
    treasure dungeon entry ticket - DrJt8520e
    random skill rune - kAFlTmaKS
    skill rune reroll scroll x100 - CMAKqiApy
    beginner value package - glFkoZpEz
    beginner growth package - ul2AiXcyM
    everyday weapon draw - 10wON0jTG
    tower of guardians entry ticket - e2bW0NF1v
    mysterious star piece x200 - QYrxSmtJn
    costume ticket x100 - DtXz5N8a0
    daily free draw - 5L6Apxa6F
    batch draw - gpmt4VxaB

    Increase stats:
    ATK - oAA8UARCe
    Max HP - t3yiO2L1W
    Max MP - J3RoLmbT3
    Crit chance - AHthOP2p1
    Crit DMG - ERWc1TWmT
    ATK speed - qy0Ri8tMu

    Locations: treasure dungeon, skill dungeon, gold dungeon, world boss, raid, gem mine, tower of guardians, guild cave, magic field, guild conquest (light, fire, darkness, water). You can purchase products in darkness shop using dark coins. Redeem your daily rank reward for your best score.

    Acquire the special inventory effect of the magic lesser weapon. Higher draw level increases the chance to draw better weapons.

    Fire ball - launches fire ball to 2 enemies, dealing 140% DMG to neaby enemies. This skill always lands Crits.
    Lightning strike - attacks the area around the enemy target, dealing 200% DMG and inflicting stun for 2 sec.

    Boss info - King's Bulwark Behemoth can never be defeated. Use CC effects to exhaust the Break gauge. Incapacitate the Boss and inflict tons of damage.

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    Log in every day and receive rewards. You can purchase paid passes to earn more rewards. You cannot claim rewards after 20 days of character creation. You can obtain rewards according to your daily playtime. You can claim final reward by claiming login rewards for the 8th, 16th, and 24th login within the event period.

    Battle pass - hunt down monsters every day to complete missions and receive rewards. Purchase paid passes to earn more rewards! Paid passes are applied indefinitely. Your battle pass progress is rest every midnight. Don't forget to collect your rewards for the day.

    Picnic lunchboxes codes can be obtained through the monster hunting Event (unti the regular update on the 2nd week of June)
    daily lunchbox - HMRXHgNZ1
    Moon class moonrabbit costume - XN0t6yxm9
    star class Nia costume - Ag1rRgKnm
    picnic package i cheat - WtbzUhBB1
    picnic package II - y0eF5nlk3
    picnic package III - zgfYi9dHA
    picnic package IV hack - eQdfUUNqx
    star fragment x 1000 - DLoEH07Fn
    lunar blessing x200 - YRAMGCkW8
    mysterious star piece x600 - wdlVxQxQ6
    special weapon package - vsQlmlkVK
    stellar weapon package - X9mR6stsO
    special skill package - G7gSpNDBz
    special friend weapon package - yGO3Bt2HU
    weekly gem mine package - C37oPzMBu
    random legendary skill - eFOtVLP44
    skill rune reroll scroll x1000 - WaBOyrwgK
    Idle Moon Rabbit random skill rune x10 - IazZJpeQV
    legendary skill book x1000 - 3FHahIf5K
    skill shop package - M9xsvb909
    costume ticket - XqMcza62l
    legendary ring package - BBJK5n4Vy

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