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    Unlimited energy - GJ5XB9Y1B
    special - yY9OQ19t5
    soldier - ddE0Ea1wH
    structure - JgdnTnBIa
    hero - NIewILF8o
    enhance - DsEcYNwK1
    upgrade - cT9f38LdI
    level up - npSHTDiPv
    5000 diamonds - JWTChC0Ro
    weekly card - DvXdevsDZ
    supreme pack - URTNPIu1l
    special pack - T7iWblcVn
    material supply - 1funWJf1d
    superior development pack - ccDYp51cR.Research runes, increase power.
    superior enhancement pack - ORkkn2Sdc.Enhance prints, train heroes!
    superior hero pack - scn3VtxL5. Powerful hero helps you sweep opponent!
    superior march speedup - hsreWHRkP
    24-hr shield - q9zKsxwnA

    Hmm.. this is the place, the promised land mentioned in our ancestors' legacy! But i can sense dangers here. Don't push our luck. Let's use this place as a foothold, explore the vicinity. Safety first. Most of the items you obtained will go into your bag. Temple remolding material - used to engrave some runes, can be obtained by defeating barbarians on the world map. Get more rune shards and merge them to unlock more runes in the temple. Temple - upgrade to raise team power, reduce training time, and get march slot +1 at level 25.

    EXP bar shows your level visuality. Grow and be strong. Complete tasks to get rewards, which help you grow faster. Shell mine expansion material - used to upgrade merging level of shell mines, can be obtained by defeating barbarian rangers on the world map. Build button unlocked - building is a core function. Build your structures quickly to improve your territory.

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    Shell bar unlocked. All your shells will be displayed here. Be mindful of your resources and spend them properly. Build shell mines as often as you can. It will provide us with a stable flow of Shells. This land is dangerous, and we need to grow strong quickly. Quick merge function unlocked. From now on, you can enjoy the faster batch merging feature. Don't ignore mails. They are full of useful info. Mails not archived will be auto defeated after 15 days due to expiration. Please archive important mails to avoid auto cleanup.

    To level up faster, you need to clear the clouds, unlock more tiles, and get materials used for researching runes. When researching Runes, a large number of shells will be consumed it helps you significantly gain the chief EXP needed to level up. To help you develop faster, we have also prepared the following gifts for you, don;t forget to claim. Remember, you will need at least 10 shell mines to maximize shell shelf's function?

    Diamond bar - your diamonds will be displayed here. By mindful of your resources and spend them properly. In the market we can trade with other tribes to get the items we need.

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    Published contact: The United States of America (USA), 228 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10003-1502, US
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