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    Gee, you're the new manager, right? HR has finally hired someone. I'm the secretary of the boss of the lord demon, and i'm in charge of yours next induction training. Now listen to me carefully, i'm only going to say these things once. The allied armies of mankind still covet our lands to this day, and your job is to stop them. Here you can see core HP. The core is the source of energy for us to maintain the defense line, pay attention to protect it, understand?

    Bottom line - these are your subordinates, you can call them 'monstroids', they are your main thugs. This guy is rather stupid and needs you to help him choose the orientation. This guy has enough for 3, upgrade it, unlock a skill for it. He can cooperate with monstraids with a slowing effect. The skills of characters can form a combo. Well, the deployment level has been improved, and the deployment experience will increase after each battle.

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    After blood bow inflicts 5 damages to the slowed enemy, you can get a temporary combo effect. The deployment level has been increased again, and i just got a guardian monstraids, let him play. Guarding heroes can block the attacking enemy. High altitude monstraids and guardian characters can achieve multiplier effect by cooperating with each other.

    Let's see what you can encounter in random events. Curious what kind of new supervisor the dungeon has recruited, the mystery man has come to bring you a special gift. It is the elite enemy, and the equipment they drop can help characters to exert more strength. Click rising star to instantly increase the hero's combat power.

    See, elite enemies are very strong. As a dungeon manager, you must have a weapon that can control the battlefield. Come on, use battle props to kill them. Elite enemies will all drop equipment, go and see the effect of the equipment yourself. It's an equipment that adds attributes. Just pick a monstroid that is pleasing to the eye and put it on. Drag equipment to the heroes to wear. Alright, you already know about the basic defense. Let me give you Dungeon Overlord cheat codes and a 2x speed function.

    Unsure of how to choose Monstroids or gear? Open up their diagrams to see what combos they can make. New subordinates should remember to be incorporated into the combat team, understand. Onboarding and performance reviews are all here, just remember to get the job done.

    Before each crusade, it is recommended to check the war zone map to obtain terrain information. In addition to terrain information, the enemy information detected by the front line is also very important. Dungeon Overlord codes you can see at a hack meny. After the first crustade is successful, you can also free peak, and peer can provie you with continuous income in the mine.
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