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    resources - A4IIALEXo
    coins - 2NB7ASttX
    artifact - 1I35OFcUh
    working speed +200% - C5GC1QKxm
    speed up - nnqmGmxLD
    auto collect - T4ZSGh55Q
    unlock locations - ZqryCAeqs
    off ads - FBoThz5bV
    daily gift - 6rCsWGIxL
    upgrade - KfwWRQg5U
    evolve - zhwwr6nOl
    materials - q26ejtPkh
    pet - xykLYlGa1

    Long ago, in a time when humans were still settled in few places...You were sent to this untamed island to make it inhabitable. Important as this goal was, it meant leaving your family behind. All alone, you took on requests gathering money and resources as you developed the land. After all, future residents needed houses built for them. You did it all in the hope you'd one day live happily with your family once more.

    In this game, you play as this adventurous little fellow here. Get used to seeing him. You'll be seeing him a whole lot as you get to work developing this island. Now, there are lots of things you'll encounter during your exploration. Things like grass, trees, rocks, crop fields, and plenty more. Directing your li'l guy bump into these things will make him perform actions. making him go where you want is as simple as can be. Just press your finger and drag it in the direction you'd like to go.

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    Keep tapping the screen to chain action together. Cutting down stumps will let trees regrow. Town - this area is your little patch of heaven, where you call the shots. Your goal here is to earn enough coins to be able to purchase a house. First of all, let; discuss how to gather items like wood and crops. After all, you can't hope to develop an island without lots of resources. Luckily for you, as time passes, resources regenerate on their own.

    See a tree? Notice how it looks semi-transparent? That means you can spend coins to gain access to it. Simple enough, right? The postbox is where you can trade your resources with villagers. Trade for what, you ask? Coins of course! Cash to get things done. The more coins you have saved up, the farther into the island you can go. Eventually, you'll have enough to buy a house to invite others to join you. Once you do, you'll be able to move onto a brand new area full of discovery. But you can't buy one right away or use Mini Mini Farm cheat code. Just work on it bit by bit as time permits. That's all for now. Now go out there and make this island yours!

    Villagers routinely ask you to find things they want. Fulfilling these requests is the best way to earn coins for developing the island, so don't be shy about lending them a hand. Once connected, you can travel between portals. When you do so. you'll be greeted with something they apparently call an 'ad' in other dimensions. Portals can be used after you activate them the first time. When you come across any, be sure to turn them on so you can use them later.
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