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    So, you own this prison now. Let me help you tp dig in. New prisoners are arriving, just in time. Each character occupies a bed in the barrack until release or escape. Make sure there is enough space in the barrack for the whole bus of prisoners. Look, here is the best thing: 1. The character visit the cantine; 2...3.Profit! Prison get paid for each visit. Great business. If there is not place to take, a character will join the queue or return to the barrack. It's a waste of your time with no profit.

    Let me show you how to upgrade the Cantine. Use passwords or cash. Room upgrade is the main driver of profit growth. Remember it. Our guards make us some profit either. Don't forget to collect it. The barrack is nearly full. If there is not enough space, the bus will deliver less prisoners. Let's manage it. Awesome, we have enough cots to house the full bus. Cons need some place to sleep as well. More bunks in barracks - more cons in prison.

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    Upgrade the bus stop to get more prisoners at a higher rate. Prestige - permanently increases the number of cons to arrive at a time. Kickbacks - temporalily increases the rate of arrival. You're ready to run it yourself. make yourself rich and the prison famous. I'll be looking for sponsors. We'll keep in touch, take care.

    Special offer - St. Patrick's day special by Honey badger team. This awesome Leprecon is here to celebrate St. Patrick's day. His luck and pot of gold (crystals) included. Go get some whiskey with him. Use pass - BQpnFKlGJ, get Kamil the Leprecon unique director + x2 profit permanently + 200 crystals. No more ads - MJoOZxmer. You will not see any ads anymore. All the ad bonus will be available for free.

    Administration construction - so here you can build some new rooms for cons to use and you to get profit from. Quests - here is the list of quests to complete. Do so and get receive some crystals as a reward.

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