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    Welcome, good people of Hatinapur! Today is an exhibition like no other. After 12 years of training, the princes of the Kuru dynasty will display what they have learnt. Young blood is always eager. The youngest Pandave, Nakula, wishes to go first. Let the battle begin! Nakula fights against his own brother, the mighty Bheem, to prove that he's not only the most handsome amn in the universe, but a strong warrior too. Beating Bheem will need leadership and an understanding of the fundamentals of war.

    You lose if your hero's health reaches 0. Reduce opponent health to 0 to win. Inspect objects in the game by long pressing it. Playing cards costs Soma, your primary resource. Stronger units cost more soma. Your SOma refills and increases by 1 at the start of your turn. Damage is reduced by armour amount. There are two ways to deal with armour: smashes (breaks armour) and pierces(ignores armour)

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    Units and heroes can be melee or ranged. Ranged free kill - it takes no damage back. And if a melee unit kills a ranged enemy, it takes no damage back. Ia melee unit is deployed, enemy melee units cannot attack your ranged units or heroes. Heroes can attack immediately and bypass the front row. Charges - can attack immediately. Flanks - ignores row protection.

    Hero info - this shows current hero's health, armour and damage. Collect shards and exchange them for more heroes. Skills: Bloodlust: +1 health when he destroys a unit. Feed: bheem gains 2 health. Born Killer: stars with claws weapon. Cannot be disarmed. Counter damage equal to claws damage. Steady shot - deal 2 piercing damage. Rising storm: +1 counter damage every 3 turns. Deck - see your earned cards and edit the decks you duel with. Buy card chests with gold, use pass, cheat codes or exchange cards for hero shards.

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