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    Gift redeem pass #four-gods-on-wemix

    t-day completion rewards - nWb7DBQK7
    inventory expansion ticket - 8PL1yzWu1
    500k gold - KeaLAXELH
    enhance - wMOupU7UL
    level up - cCdmQrnom
    5000 red gem -HY8JUYgPh
    stat points - PIdkDAm97
    5000 green gem - KBIXJhWxU
    skill book - SE1lvi5dC
    special summon - vWf3ePPSF

    Increase stats:
    strength - CtOtHpVrw
    agility - a8swUIVA0
    wisdom - Op7jFX1dH
    vitality -l7vAePtMm

    All four character classes are available when you create a character. Green gems are shared in the account, there fore, you do not need to make additional payments.

    Azure dragon - son of the celestial, despised the hypocrisy of the mystics and left the Heavenworld, losing his mystic power and memory in the process. While living a normal life as a human, he met Shao Xian, and became a lumberjack. The peace lasted until the demon rebellion began and his wife was killed amidst the chaos. Let's start with God's equipment. Use pass KTdnEFWCh - you will receive a special general weapon S summon ticket. If you use the special general weapon s summon ticket, you can obtain S weapon by definition.

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    Use your skills to defeat Demons. You'll have more skill slots depending on your level, so don't forget to equip them. I'll descrive attribute arcanomicons, they can enhance skills. This is an arcanomicon that can induce slow effect. You can decrease enemies' move SPD and attack SPD with a certain chance. Poison effect - you can inflict continuous DMG from poison with a certain chance. Bleeding effect - inflict continuous DMG from bleeding.

    You can obtain attribute arcanomicons from normal crafting by gathering materials. Each arcanomicon has tier from D to SSS just like gear. The higher the tier, the higher proc chance and dmg will be. Hey, what gear are you using? THis is not good! Open inventory to check the items and gear you have obtained so far. ANd check the gear that you are equipping.

    You will receive stat point each time you level up or use Four Gods on WEMIX cheat code. Click the stat in manage gear to check the points. You have a new stat point! Click view details to check the detailed information.

    If party scrolls are used, all team members can pass and share the relevant rewards. When team scroll is executed, the number of hunting caught by the party members is also accumulated. Before you go defeating demons, how about using talismans pass from hack menu that will temporarily raise your combat abilities? Each talisman has a different effect. using different talismans for each situation will allow you to defeat the demons more efficiently! You can buy them from the shop.

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