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    element stone - kxTofx0cJ
    purple accessory - hB2awsFE5
    summon x10 - caWBwZfAl
    legendary knights - m9JzOWY6o
    enhance - 0mOb9Jsrx

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    level cap - sL5YIYCz8
    HP - Sn4S8opmd
    attack - 8EyT7Es1V
    defend - F28xNgEzr

    When evil spreads in this world, there must be warriors of hope. Long long ago, there were a group of boys who pledged their lives to guard Athena. They were known as knight of Athena. Their bodies were weapons. It is said that their first could rip the sky. it is said that their kicks could break the earth. And now...the boys with courage and strength, were revived to be new knights. You, have you ever felt a cosmo?

    Time for Kiki's teaching wow. Click the combat button to start your adventure. Different positions plays different roles. Recommend warrior/protector knight to take the front line. Recommend skilled/assassin/assit knights to take back row. Drag knights to adjust the position. Knights will become stronger with the protection of artifacts. Deploy knights of advantageous elements to make the battle easier. The element of light and darkness can be used as any element.

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    When Cosmos are collected full, click head portrait of knight can release powerful might. After clicking auto battle, knights will automatically release might. You can gain some experience every time you kill the enemy. Click or long press upgrade button, upgrade knight's level to 5. The higher level you pass, the richer the rewards you can get. Click the head portrait of the knight you want to train and place it into the train. Click train button to increase the star level of knight.

    Warriors can make breakthrough after they are upgraded to a certain level. Upgrade the warrior to level 10 and make the break through.

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