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    Are you okay?Where are we? The wave must have swept us far away. Those rain clouds came out of nowhere. THe waves were even higher than the mast of our ship. The bag is completely empty. Everything inside must have been scattered by the waves. Then that means we have nothing to eat? How about climbing up to high ground and looking all around the island? Won't we be able to use this rope to get up? Try tapping on the vines. Try tapping one more time. Spend energy to get the materials you need.

    Try tap the upgrade button so that you can complete the ladder. it's covered in fog, but if you look closely. I think there's a castle wall over there. Shall we try going in a little deeper? Maybe some cat lives here who we can ask for help. Oh no,the path is blocked by that wall. Look at the face drawn on it. It looks quite threatening. Was it blocked deliberately? But we ened to get past. It's the only path farther inside. Quest function has been created.

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    Tap the magnifying glass to find the target. We found traces that seem to have been left long ago. Let's have a look at what was left behind and see if there's anything useful. When was the last time late? Let's cook with these peas that were left behind by some cat. Drag and drop to start production. Use hearts to complete production immediately. Move the building to an area where you can plate it. Tap the button to complete the placement. Drag and drop the food onto the table.

    Remember that eating will recover energy. A small field appeared after clearing the area. Can plants still take root here? Try planting peas in the field. You can check the location of the target by tapping the magnifying glass. Drag the peas to plant them in the field. Nutrition supplements can shorten growth time. Drag the sickle to harvest the crops. Now that the condition of the soil has been checked, harvest fresh beams and make food for stockpiling. When you don't know what to do next, open the quest list.

    Obtain energy by using The Secret of Cat Island cheat codes or by piling blocks without any empty spaces. Clear multiple lines at once for more points. Acquire blocks: you can receive two random blocks using one draw chance. Draw chance is charged every 18 minutes. Places the block in the blank space to complete the line. Earn points according to the number of lines completed at once. Reach 10 points to be rewarded with energy. If an item chest is included in a completed line, you cna receive bonus rewards. Item chests may included gold, energy, gems or puzzle blocks.

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