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    speed up - CjkgktVJc
    game speed x10 - R3x4ocLNS
    premium manager - 9GpFGs6v2
    auto clicker - H2KomRUJB
    cash - 70XFwZ9PT
    upgrade - OWfnDS2HF
    level up - HKrEdm6yB
    monthly card - ZJVFWnzRj
    daily box - AfXSq7mfK

    Our goal is to produce delicious sugar. Because the more and more sugar, the more money we make. The truck is coming! To collects the sugarcane and deliver it to the factory. Upgrade the truck to deliver more and fast. The truck will automatically unload the sugarcane. Look! The first group of sugarcane has been unloaded in to the factory storage area. Upgrading the cleaning machine is a good way to raise our revenue. Crusher will extract juice from sugarcane.

    We create various machines to automate the production process. We are expanding the field and launching new delivery trucks. Hire managers to increase sales and speed up the development process. You can also use passwords to speed up the gameplay 10 times. With it, you can save money much faster, no need to wait and save for long hours.

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    Use the autoclicker when you are tired of controlling the game. The autoclicker can perform many actions: collecting, building, improving, viewing ads. You can also disable ads, but get all bonuses for free. If you do not have enough money, enter the menu with passwords, enter the desired amount. Then log in to your game mail and pick up what you want.

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