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    legendary equipment - 9iVRCyLd1
    gems - okJ2rQAjb
    artifact - SoOXXqbkp
    find treasures - dOtWlJ5Nj
    unlock classes - P7w66iUWd
    upgrade - uR05yAweJ
    level up - cCj5hNhup
    monthly card - 75jK4mHR4
    daily box - TaRYOyxsj

    that's a slasher like Diablo, only in vertical mode. This allows you to play with one finger, maneuvering between opponents and using skills. Players will spend most of their time in randomly generated dungeons. They need to be passed for a while, for this a rare item and more difficult levels are opened.

    In addition to the dungeons, there is a hub city with NPCs who sell potions and items for treasure hunting. You can also find good equipment from them, but it takes a lot of gold. Unfortunately, the class is not given to choose, so they will only play for a swordsman, who eventually gets a pretty stylish armor with horns and fire elements.

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    By killing monsters, we gain experience and look for chests in which you will find equipment, weapons and gold. Legendary equipment can be obtained by entering alphabetic passwords, as well as gold and much more. Equipment can be improved using crystals. After the improvement, the characteristics increase. We recommend using crystals only for legendary equipment.

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