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    Activate Overlord path, obtain instantly night queen - jkKI24p6m
    level up 100 times - CqRq1eQ3H
    demon prince EXP +10000 - AgGbNYyio
    activity +150 - NWhr9x17W
    outing - V4bVoy7Yk
    event points - 5sKvOlmyW
    magic crystals - WS0vT7UW9
    activate overlord path - KbtW73H01

    resource storage limit - zMVdaYm65
    council affairs limit - MRzgfW8Be
    friend limit - klpgwOS5T
    date energy limit - xLn6716Co
    portal energy limit - mgbBpTYQm

    My apologies for bringing you here suddenly. Things must be difficult to understand. But you're our last hope. What does that mean? Hm, sounds like there's shouting and fighting coming from outside? Following the sound, you move downwards from the top of the tower. Armor-clad troops surround the demon prince's fortress. There aren't enough of them to mount an offensive and they've suffered defeat after defeat. Show the enemy the courage of the demon prince army.

    We used all our remaining soldiers and food in the past battle, and we are out magic crystals to strengthen our subordinates. We must prepare before new enemies appear. This is the office, though Levy you can recruit soldiers, and gain food and magic crystals.

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    Unlock characters:
    Karasu - KY8BabZEv
    Sylvia - ZwLzPp8mF
    Gaia - xlxRXrc7w
    Ansell - rQUsj6MId
    paradise - 2cl6BaGVz
    Ymir - F51Oe6gkn
    Trand - 7cAm4mXPv
    Garol - EauPIKvQ3
    Luna - 3pRZBkxHL
    Flattina - Yq9dv3sNZ
    Laura - UVaXflrCt
    Mei Ling - eHBlRquBi
    Betty - Hb4aL1rI1
    Bhikkhuni - RHk8MnNJF
    Wolfe - k8MVaXfv3

    Clearing stage and council affairs grants EXP increasing demon prince level. Level up the demon prince to unlock new subordinates and features.

    Go on outing through the portal to visit various countries on the mainland. Meet all kinds of beautiful women and win their hearts, marrying them to become your consorts.

    Chances to meet different women on outings. The higher the luck stat the easier to meet maidens. Talk to women often to deepen the relationship and eventually she'll become a consort. Consorts offer subordinates blessings to boost demon influence. Dating consorts barns blessing points. The higher the demon tattoo strength, the more blessing point gained.

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    Unlock quick battle - QY4ApXQPD
    Doki Doki Palace code: unlock full attack - FaWtQGVA0
    unlock oracle's peak demon lord battle auto search - qcNE5YolK
    unlock 10x gifting to consorts - xLIPVhnLs
    unlock quick date - 7y9bichx2
    unlock quick outing #doki-doki-palace - Jqko9HxAX

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