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    I lost my mother as a child. It was an accident. Or so i thought...I received a letter from a strenger not long ago. It says that the tragedy wan't an accident. It's asking me to go to the island Zalu at once, to my childhood home. Who wrote this letter, and what happened to my Mom? I'll be there soon and find out the awful truth.

    Choose a hint and find the item immediately. The bullseye collects 3 items straight away. Clear the scene before time runs out. Tap on the hourglass to add time to your search. For a quicker search try to zoom in on the items. Zoom back out to search for all the items at once. Pass the levels, get the stars, complete the tasks.

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    Emmie received a letter from a stranger asking her to go to island Zalu, her childhood home. The stranger knows the truth about her mother's death. Solve logic puzzles, find various items and move along the plot. You will have to restore your parents' house and go through a huge chain of tasks. To make it easier to play, use boosters - hints that will make it easier to find items or increase the search time.

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