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    The game resembles a phone game rather than a computer game. Our heroine runs a pet store and at the same time we are playing the game watching how the relationship between the heroes of the game develops. There are very simple rules here, you just need to accept visitors with pets who are mostly dogs and also cats.

    Amy has a pet store that her grandfather left as a "legacy". Now she is no longer an assistant there, but a hostess. Her best friend Lisa works for her, who cleans the shelves and helps bring some things. According to the plot, you still need to pass levels, get stars, buy new things and watch the development of the relationship of Emma, Jack, Lisa and so on. And it's quite fascinating. And then there's humor.

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    As for the gameplay? Everything remained the same. Although there are still innovations here. For example, now you need to connect electrodes, insert certain things and help save the lives of pets. Well, customers also come who choose by the minute what to buy in the store.

    And of course they add additional tasks like: check documents, clean the territory or answer calls. But in general, the gameplay is quite interesting because you need to constantly monitor the condition of the clinic or store, quickly bring an order and of course keep track of time. It's fascinating, believe me, I know from my own experience.

    Customers who come in with pets will requite you to perform various procedures. Find the right tool for the job and complete the procedure. Some procedures will be more complex and will require additional tasks. All that's left now is to clean the table after the customer leaves. Oh, it's Carl the mouse! Quick, catch him to earn an additional bonus.

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