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    If you are familiar with projects such as Slay The Spire or Night Of The Full Moon, then you will get used to Dicey Elementalist almost instantly. The game is a mixture of RPG and KKI. The player chooses a character (one is available at the start), each of which has its own abilities and received cards, chooses the difficulty level and embarks on an adventure. Upon reaching a certain progress, NPCs will appear in the menu that will help you improve the hero's abilities, stock up on potions and make your path to success more comfortable.

    Perhaps the main feature of Dicey Elementalist is that each new game is a randomly generated quest in which different opponents, maps, artifacts and rooms appear in which the player can buy upgrades or replenish health. But let's talk about everything in order.

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    The gameplay is based on collecting cards and artifacts that open up new combat abilities for the hero and allow you to assemble a set suitable for the game. The number of maps and improvements in the game is very large and they will be repeated extremely rarely, which only fuels interest and encourages you to come back again and again.

    Thanks to such diversity, each new adventure is truly unique. The player can collect a set that will protect the hero, or impose all kinds of vulnerabilities on the enemy, like poison or freezing. If you collect enough cards, you can experiment with might and main, shuffling skills and get a deck that can, for example, take lives, but cause great damage, or treat a hero, but at the same time beat with poison or freeze. The scope for creativity is very wide.

    Artifacts will help you hit harder, take less damage, give immunity to various effects, and so on. At the same time, the player can use 10 artifacts that can be obtained in the store by using Dicey Elementalist cheat codes or by opening a treasure chest. Oh, yes, they can also be obtained for raising the level. By the way, at the light level of the dungeon, artifacts and maps can be selected from two suggested options after killing the enemy.

    As a result, at the initial stage of acquaintance with the game, you will not even notice how you are launching a new adventure for the thirtieth time, and each time it is unique and interesting.

    After you have collected everything you need for the adventure #dicey-elementalist, the character enters a dungeon consisting of many rooms. The player is free to choose any of the four directions of movement, while hitting completely different opponents with their "chips" and a set of cards. Interestingly, the number of monsters in the game is not inferior to the variety of ways to kill them. Dragons, witches, Dopplers, magicians, Vikings, demons are just a small part of the local bestiary.

    Each opponent in the game uses special skills. Someone puts armor on every turn, someone sucks the life out of the hero and imposes vulnerabilities at the same time, and someone is reborn into a werewolf, thereby dividing the battle into two stages. Each enemy needs its own approach, so before the battle begins, you should use passwords, cheats and codes, and you can study the strengths and weaknesses of the monster in more detail and pick up the appropriate deck and artifacts so that the battle does not leave the player with a nose.

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