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    Welcome to Lvy international college. I will help you manage this school. I believe you are strange to it and let's me introduce. It's already 9:00 am. New students have already come. The number of students depends on how many beds are available. First, new students will register at the registration desk and pay high tuition fees. of course, this is not the only way to make money. Schools can receive additional educational subsidies and we receive funds for each hour a student spends in school. And finally, if they successfully graduate, we'll get paid when they graduate. It's a good business.

    Okay, one student has been successfully enrolled. He will go to the dormitory for a break. The student has packed his bags and he will living in this dormitory for a while. We can buy some items to improve students' living conditions. Add a shower so they can clean themselves. Remember, building things can improve our profits. Of course, we can't just focus on financial gain.

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    We should also care about students' physical and mental health and meet their needs in time. Students have 4 different needs. If you can't meet, students may hungry, sick or even drop out. Please keep an eye on your students' needs so that you can meet them in a timely manner. Students can graduate when their learning value is full. Please let your students study hard, early graduate.

    The school has a strict schedule and you can always check the clock at the top screen to know what's happening at any time. By the way, it's already class time and we still have no teacher. let's go to the job market and hire a teacher. All school employees need to pay each hour. Make sure you have enough money to pay everyone to avoid financial loss. if you're not have enough money, it could because you have hired too many people, you should fire some or call for support.

    SOme government official would call you once in a while to offer you public funding which you can choose to accept or not. Well, at first you should focus on building more dormitories to accommodate more students.

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