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    To open your cafe to visitors, you need to click on the front door and then customers will fall to you. Next, the customer places an order displayed at the top of the game window. He shows what kind of dish and drink he wants to make. Judging by the picture above, players must arrange all the ingredients in the correct order and cook them. After that, you can give them to the visitor, and he will pay you with in-game finances. Some orders will be very simple, only a couple of ingredients will be needed to combine. There will also be complex dishes, which will take much longer to prepare.

    Cook Off: Pet Rescue offers you to get acquainted with a wide variety of recipes and learn the secret of their preparation. Among them: pizza, pies, seafood and much more. In addition to cooking directly, you will also have to learn for yourself all the pros and cons of running your own business. Equip the interior, buy equipment and improve the quality of original products. All these indicators affect the patience of customers and the amount they will leave as a tip. It is unclear who the users will become, cooks or managers. In any case, you will have to work hard in both areas.

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    The cooking process is well developed in Cook Off: Pet Rescue. Use modern equipment (coffee makers, slow cookers, pizza ovens, popcorn machines) and systematic cooking. In the future, the restaurant will need improvements and modernization, depending on the economic situation and the preferences of visitors. We need to focus on increasing their number. For example, holding various promotions, providing free treats. All this leaves a pleasant impression about the institution and makes you come back here again. Improve the variety of dishes and the design of the place. This will allow you to be one step ahead of your competitors.

    The global goal of Cook Off: Pet Rescue is to help in the development and improvement of an animal shelter. Here they come in completely different types and types: cats, dogs and even cubs. Each successful culinary level will earn you points to improve your building. For example, you can choose a sign for an institution, equip the interior and hire additional staff.

    You can choose from several options, as you should choose the most suitable one for you. Thus, there are two main mechanics in the game. Both are standard. This is the passage of culinary levels with time management, as well as the consistent development of the building, as it happens in games with three-in-a-row mechanics.

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